We pay men to sleep with us in Germany – Lady reveals

We pay men to sleep with us in Germany

According to an African woman living in Germany, women have had to pay guys to sleep with them because there aren’t many males in that nation.

She claims to be from Nigeria, where males approach women to begin relationships, which prevents women there from feeling alone or unmarried.

But in Germany, it’s the exact reverse since there aren’t many males there, which has made life tough for everyone there, especially single women since no one would approach you.

She stated that the problem is so terrible that because they are single, they actually have to beg guys to come see them. What’s more, they have to foot the bill for the men’s travel.

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Even if they had already paid for their transportation, the woman said, they would still need to prepare food for them when they arrived.

She came to the conclusion that these are some of the things women in that nation do in order to get men to sleep with them.


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