A Guy Using Alpha Hour Prayer Link To Confuse Ladies In Big Trouble

Alpha Hour Prayer

A guy in serious trouble for using the Alpha Hour Prayer link to confuse women

Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s midnight prayer session, which he has dubbed Alpha Hour has received much attention since its debut in the media landscape, most of which has been fueled by scathing contentions.

The Alpha Hour begins at precisely midnight GMT. Begin every new day with one hour of intense prayers. Many Ghanaians have testified of having so many miracles since partaking in the Alhpa hour prayer sessions and most of them share their testimonies on the official Facebook page of Pastor Elvis Agyemang.

As many people are getting positive feedback from the midnight prayers as claimed, there are others too who feel like using the sharing of links from Alpha Hour to their benefit. Below is the story shared by Code Micky on how a young Guy planned on using the Alhpa Hour prayers to do his own thing.


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