Mike Oquaye

As is customary in every election year, aspirant politicians will stop at nothing to gain the public’s affection and support.

These people put forth a great deal of effort and dedication during their campaigns, going to any lengths to win over a vote.

But after they come to power, they frequently appear to forget about the voters who supported them, which makes many of them feel unappreciated and unheeded.

We’re witnessing well-known scenes of political theater as candidates go all out to win over voters as the 2024 election draws near.

In a recent viral video, Mike Oquaye Jnr, who is vying for a seat in Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, is depicted washing underwear as part of his campaign strategy.

During his campaign, Mike Oquaye enthusiastically joined a woman washing clothes, showcasing a hands-on approach and garnering cheers from his team.

The video has sparked heated discussions, with many questioning the sincerity and effectiveness of such gestures from aspiring politicians.


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