Ntoma kata ade3 so: No makeup video of McBrown causes stir


Online controversy has been sparked by a video featuring actress and media personality Nana Ama McBrown.

In the video, Nana Ama McBrown answered questions about her daughter Baby Maxin during an interview with Onua TV.

The actress looked surprised to see that she had no makeup on.

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The actress’s responses made a lot of sense, but her appearance captured the attention of fans more.

Taking to the comment section, fans have said that the indeed, makeup, and Photoshop have made the actress beautiful.

According to them, the no makeup and photoshop have revealed the real beauty of the actress, making her look very old.

Others also said that putting makeup and Photoshop aside, the actress is not naturally beautiful as she is seen on social media.

“The real age is showing.. sorry for those who believe she’s in her 40s. Her pics are just filter and photoshop”, a netizen said.

“Unbraid ur hair na Wanim ay3 Hu dodo??. But I love you nso oo??”, another netizen wrote.

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