What’s your age: Shocked Airhostess asks Yaw Dabo as he flies business class (VIDEO)

Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo, an actor from Ghana, thrilled his fans with a touching exchange that was caught on camera during a recent flight.

The social media video, which was shot by Yaw Dabo himself, featured the air hostess looking shocked that the short actor was traveling in business class by himself.

She seemed interested in Yaw Dabo’s introduction as a Ghanaian actor and proceeded to ask him more questions.

When asked if he was travelling with any guardian or supervisor, Yaw Dabo introduced his manager, Kofi Asamoah, who was also on the flight but insisted that he was old enough to fly by himself as he was of age.

“I can fly myself; I am 26,” he said.

The warm interaction between the duo was evident with laughter and a friendly exchange of cultural insights.

The air hostess, charmed by Yaw Dabo’s demeanour, wished him a pleasant flight.

The warm and jovial exchange between Yaw Dabo and the air hostess resonated with viewers, who praised the actor for his poise, humor, and representation of Ghanaian talent on the global stage.

The encounter served as a heartwarming highlight, further endearing Yaw Dabo to his admirers and showcasing his amiable personality.


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