Afia Schwar vs Cheddar: A War of Words

Afia Schwar vs Cheddar: A War of Words

Afia Schwar, a controversial media personality, has focused her attention on Cheddar’s supporters and entourage, also known as “The man behind the mask.”

After Afia Schwar attacked Cheddar many times, his followers attacked her with words that could not be printed.

This answer from Cheddar fans made Afia Schwar so mad that she launched another vicious attack on the business mogul.

In a self-recorded TikTok video that went viral, Afia says she would never sit there and let a former prisoner become the first gentleman of the country.

In her response to Cheddar’s fans, Afia asked them to go online and read about all the things she had done.

According to her, she had gotten numerous government contracts but she chose not to take them because she believed they were intended to trap her.

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