A look around Nana Agradaa’s lavish $3 million apartment; the former sika gari merchant (Video)

Nana Agradaa

With the appearance of Agradaa Love Palace, an ultra-modern structure purportedly owned by Nana Agradaa, on social media, she has become the talk of the town.

The opulent estate, estimated to be worth slightly over $3 million, consists of several luxurious apartments intended for commercial use. Specifically, it will serve as a guest house for tourists and Ghanaians looking for high-end lodging.

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Verified reports state that Agradaa’s Love Palace is the famous Ghanaian prophetess’ most recent large-scale venture.

A clip that has garnered over 200k views on social media features a man providing a guided tour of Agradaa Love Palace, highlighting the lavish nature of the establishment.

The apartments exude sophistication and are expected to cater to individuals looking for high-end accommodations outside their homes.

Agradaa, known for her confidence and assertiveness, has built a reputation as a prominent figure in Ghana.

The unveiling of Agradaa Love Palace further solidifies her status as a wealthy and influential personality.

Social media users have been quick to recognize the financial success of the priestess, attributing it to her lucrative ventures and business acumen.

Watch the video below to know more…

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