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Nana Tornado’s ‘trumu trumu’ video allegedly leaks

Nana Tornado’s ‘trumu

Controversial In the US, Nana Tornado has been charged for having relations with men.

Afia Schwar first intimated on social media that she had obtained a copy of Nana Tornado’s bedroom tape.

Afia Schwar left her admirers in suspense after giving them just the top of the iceberg, but her godson has picked up the slack and is exposing Nana Tornado.

Nana Tornado allegedly gave a fellow guy a blowjob in a parked automobile, according to Nana Ba, the godson of Afia Schwar.

He was caught in the act at his blindside, and the man is now extorting $20,000 from him or else he’ll post the video online.

If Nana Tornado does not personally solve the matter during the following 72 hours, as threatened by Nana Ba, he would personally release the graphic footage online.


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