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Nana Tornado’s ‘trumu

Controversial In the US, Nana Tornado has been charged for having relations with men.

Afia Schwar first intimated on social media that she had obtained a copy of Nana Tornado’s bedroom tape.

Afia Schwar left her admirers in suspense after giving them just the top of the iceberg, but her godson has picked up the slack and is exposing Nana Tornado.

Nana Tornado allegedly gave a fellow guy a blowjob in a parked automobile, according to Nana Ba, the godson of Afia Schwar.

He was caught in the act at his blindside, and the man is now extorting $20,000 from him or else he’ll post the video online.

If Nana Tornado does not personally solve the matter during the following 72 hours, as threatened by Nana Ba, he would personally release the graphic footage online.

SOURCE: www.Ghnewslive.com

Considering how unpredictable and harsh Nana Tornado is, it is no surprise that a shared photograph of his only daughter, identified as Francine, has caused a lot of reactions after it made its way on the web.

Evidently, the young girl recently turned a year older, and his father, Ordii Tornado, took to his Instagram page to shower her with heartwarming words, as he wrote, ‘BE YOURSELF, BUT ALWAYS BETTER YOURSELF. MY Investment 🤗😎’

He additionally posted a photograph of his daughter holding cake. Fans of the famous personality, took the opportunity to wish his daughter, Francine, a happy birthday, while other netizens couldn’t hold back their need for mischief, as they savagely tore into the young girl with insensitive expressions.

One of the daring observations noticed by netizens about Nana Tornado’s daughter, Francine, was that the young lady could have alopecia, as her hairline is glaringly above her forehead.

Blogger Mari Gyata reshared the photograph and wrote the expression, “Tornado and his daughter 🥰 My investment ampa 😁she’s beautiful 🥰”

Check out the pictures below….

Emil Gerald Wood, famously known as Nana Tonardo, has at last eliminated any confusion and hypotheses, that may suggest to confirm that he is gay. The queer individual, went further into his sexual origin, in a new interview he appeared in, via Original TV.

Nana Tornado.

Based on his perspective, granted his feminine nature, he doesn’t have any sexual or intimate affinity with men, despite the fact that he has close friends who are into gay, or homosexualism in America.

Nana Tornado, again implied that he concedes to the fact that many individuals accord him with gay characteristics and features, as a result of his choice of fashion sense and taste, as well as the category of male characters he regularly and publicly associates himself with.

The queer individual, added that his likenesses for splendid tones, odd style of design, and relationship with gay individuals, shouldn’t derive, finalize, or determine his sexual inclination.

Nana Tornado, whiles talking, uncovered that he isn’t gay, and as a matter of fact, has a 15-year-old daughter. He additionally underlined that he isn’t the only male individual in Ghana who wears nail polish.

Nana Tornado.

“I am not the only man in Ghana who wears nail polish. People have weird fashion sense but they make noise when I do the same. I went to the National Theatre with my 15-year-old daughter, the videos are there. Do gays have babies?” the queer individual inquired.

“Gays don’t have babies, gays don’t marry their own genders. I am not gay. Men have proposed to me, a lot of them. Let me tell you, I have a lot of gay friends out in America. it is only in Ghana that presenters ask about someone’s sexuality…I owe no one an explanation,” he unapologetically stated.

Afia Schwarzenegger appears to be accepting that her son James is gay, as she challenges Tonardo to share photos and videos of her son to prove he’s gay.

Tonardo has been mocking Afia Schwarzenegger’s son for being gay for a long time, and on his birthday yesterday, he took advantage of the opportunity to do so, and his mother has responded angrily, daring him.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she will embrace her son and not throw him away, even if it turns out that he is gay, as Tonardo claims, and we wonder if she is embracing the possibility that her son is gay.

Some internet users have confirmed Tonardo’s claims. Still, Afia Schwarzenegger has been kicking against that all along, which makes us wonder if she is finally accepting that she will embrace her son regardless of his sexuality.


Source: www.ghnewslive.com

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