South Africa

Shocking: A 20-year-old woman from Eastern Cape gave birth to an 80-year-old baby girl

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South Africa is one of the top countries on the African continent with amazing people, today the entire country is in shock.

Today South Africa is in shock and at the same time crazy about the birthday of the girl who has shocked social media users after her state was published.

The report shows that this is even the second child born with this kind of this disease called Progeria. This particular disease is said to be found mostly in Africa. The child who was born with this disease or condition was found in Ontlametsi Phalatsi.

According to a health professional, this disease goes with Uzalo but it is rarely found and also makes a child grow up faster than his or her age.

The mother never expected her child to look like this but she has no choice to accept her. She was really shocked by heartbreak after she seeing her baby for the first time.

Progeria disease –

Is a genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly. The genetic mutation occurs randomly and isn’t inherited.

What is Progeria disease caused by?

It causes by a mutation in the lamina LMNA gene. this gene makes a protein that holds the nucleus of a cell together, because of the change in the gene. the protein becomes detective, this makes the nucleus unstable which is believed to cause the premature aging process.

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