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Siamese twins separated at Korle-Bu in the year 1999 reunite with lead surgeon after 22 years

In the year 1999, Ghana performed a successful surgery on Siamese twins at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in which is located in Accra.

The twins we are talking about were joined from the lower part of their chest and abdomen and another thing is they were sharing a common liver as well as other vital organs.

Dr. Windfred Mensah Hodasi was the Lead Surgeon for the twins, He is now 82 years old. Dr. Winfred Mensah Hodasi shared how everything went and in the process, he said that separating Siamese twins is very risky because it can present some other abnormalities.

GBC showed they are very professional and also respect legends as they took time to celebrate Dr. Windfred for his success in performing another surgery of separating conjoined twins at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

During the GBC’s Breakfast show, Dr. Hodasi made it clear that in such surgeries observation is critical.

I was able to put my team together for the work. At the time we were doing these cases, facilities were not the same as today so there was little we could do to see whether they would survive. Now, the most important thing is to observe the children and then look at how they were behaving and do a few X-rays to make sure that the vital portions of the body could be separated. Now, we should always remember that in such a case, observation is the most important thing and there is no need in rushing to operate on these children, because you don’t know what you are going to meet as you go ahead. I am very happy that I have met them because that is what a doctor should do. They are supposed to help and save lives. All I am happy about is that they are alive

Dr. WWindfred

The show got soo much emotional as the twins, Linda and Lydia got the opportunity to meet the Doctor who saved their life on live television. The feeling was soo touching as they emotionally showed how grateful they are to Dr. Hodasi and his team for saving their lives.

We had the chance to meet him after we were grown up, but we always prayed for him. I always thank God for bringing him into our lives when we were born. He is really a great man. I really want to thank him. God richly bless him so much for us. I really appreciate my doctor. May God Almighty bless him and grant him long life to give us the opportunity to appreciate him big’

the separated Siamese twins intimated.

Their parents are Eunice and Benjamin Awui, they were also happy to see Dr. Winfred.

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