Why I Never Left Sarkodie For Another Man When He Had No Financial Standing – Tracy SarkCess Opens Up

Mrs Tracy Addo, otherwise known as Tracy SarkCess, the spouse of supreme rap sensationist, Michael Owusu Addo, famously revered to as Sarkodie within the depths of the African rap game, has uncovered why she actually stayed by Sarkodie’s side, against all odds, especially when times were unfavorable towards the then rapper, who had not a dime to his name.

Sarkodie & Tracy SarkCess.

Tracy SarkCess, explaining her reason for choosing Sarkodie, despite his then lack of social backing, said the rapper had a profound determination to excel in life, regardless of the unimaginably harsh standards of living available for survival or perseverance when he bagan his hustle.

In her perspective, during an interview with Berla Mundi on ‘The Day Show’ on TV3, Sarkodie was a relentless visionary, whose acute craving for success knew no bounds.

Excluding that, Tracy additionally expanded further about the extraordinarily tantalizing times she repeatedly has with her better half at home, code named ‘Adult Time’, which happens basically every Friday.

Detailing the specifics of their private moments together, Tracy said, “A fun routine would be, usually let’s say on Fridays, we try to just make sure that we’re having adult time. We go on date once a week. We try at least to go on a date once a week.”

“So if let’s say it’s Friday or something, he lets me know that tonight we are going out, so then I make sure I come back from work, and then I dress up,” she added on.

Having dated for quite a long time, the pair got married in a confidential wedding service held in Tema, on 17 July 2018. Their marriage has so far, given the inseparable couple two wonderful children.

Sarkodie is consistently regarded as one of Africa’s most noteworthy Hip Hop artists. He has scored some legendary accomplishments during the span of his still existent career, as the likes of MTV Base, ranked him as the 6th Most Hottest African MCs in the year 2014.

Back in 2013, Lynx television positioned him first on its rundown of the “Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers of All Time”.

Additionally, back in 2015, AfricaRanking.com positioned him third on its rundown of the “Top 10 African Rappers of 2015”. Subsequently in 2015, The Guardian tagged him as one of its best five Hip Hop artists up on the African landmass.

The supersonic rapper, was also positioned eighth on Forbes and Channel O’s 2013 and 2015 rundown of the Top 10 Most Extravagant/Bankable African Artists.

Sarkodie & Tracy SarkCess.

He also he won “Artiste of the Year” during the Ghana Music Awards USA (GMA USA), in 2020.

Sarkodie and Tracy Sarkcess are admittedly, one of the most outgoing super couples in Ghana, as they both have their distinctive professional routines, and simultaneously have an established foundational relationship, that has stood the test of time, and still endures whatever hurdle that throws itself at them, come what may.

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