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Mrs Tracy Addo, otherwise known as Tracy SarkCess, the spouse of supreme rap sensationist, Michael Owusu Addo, famously revered to as Sarkodie within the depths of the African rap game, has uncovered why she actually stayed by Sarkodie’s side, against all odds, especially when times were unfavorable towards the then rapper, who had not a dime to his name.

Sarkodie & Tracy SarkCess.

Tracy SarkCess, explaining her reason for choosing Sarkodie, despite his then lack of social backing, said the rapper had a profound determination to excel in life, regardless of the unimaginably harsh standards of living available for survival or perseverance when he bagan his hustle.

In her perspective, during an interview with Berla Mundi on ‘The Day Show’ on TV3, Sarkodie was a relentless visionary, whose acute craving for success knew no bounds.

Excluding that, Tracy additionally expanded further about the extraordinarily tantalizing times she repeatedly has with her better half at home, code named ‘Adult Time’, which happens basically every Friday.

Detailing the specifics of their private moments together, Tracy said, “A fun routine would be, usually let’s say on Fridays, we try to just make sure that we’re having adult time. We go on date once a week. We try at least to go on a date once a week.”

“So if let’s say it’s Friday or something, he lets me know that tonight we are going out, so then I make sure I come back from work, and then I dress up,” she added on.

Having dated for quite a long time, the pair got married in a confidential wedding service held in Tema, on 17 July 2018. Their marriage has so far, given the inseparable couple two wonderful children.

Sarkodie is consistently regarded as one of Africa’s most noteworthy Hip Hop artists. He has scored some legendary accomplishments during the span of his still existent career, as the likes of MTV Base, ranked him as the 6th Most Hottest African MCs in the year 2014.

Back in 2013, Lynx television positioned him first on its rundown of the “Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers of All Time”.

Additionally, back in 2015, AfricaRanking.com positioned him third on its rundown of the “Top 10 African Rappers of 2015”. Subsequently in 2015, The Guardian tagged him as one of its best five Hip Hop artists up on the African landmass.

The supersonic rapper, was also positioned eighth on Forbes and Channel O’s 2013 and 2015 rundown of the Top 10 Most Extravagant/Bankable African Artists.

Sarkodie & Tracy SarkCess.

He also he won “Artiste of the Year” during the Ghana Music Awards USA (GMA USA), in 2020.

Sarkodie and Tracy Sarkcess are admittedly, one of the most outgoing super couples in Ghana, as they both have their distinctive professional routines, and simultaneously have an established foundational relationship, that has stood the test of time, and still endures whatever hurdle that throws itself at them, come what may.

Tracy Sarkcess Steps It Up With A New Fashion Style

Tracy Sarkcess gets all the attention as she turned up at The Global Citizen Festival 2022

Mrs.Tracy A. Owusu-Addo, a Media Strategist, Financial Advocate, founder of @braveconnectgh, and wife of Ghana’s famous rapper, Sarkodie has been viral on the net which is quite unusual.

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Tracy as the biggest fan and a supportive wife, graced 2022’s edition of the Global Citizen Festival, music to be precise which is organized annually under the Global Poverty Project last Saturday at Accra, with her husband, King Sark, since he was a part of the performers for that night.

On the red carpet, she was captured in a see-me through all black outfit which revealed her brazier and portion of her cleavage, coupled with a feral sneaker designed with white, blue, and black colors as well as accompanied by a beautiful smile plastered on her lips.

Upon scout made from the comments passed on via the net, natives suggest Tracy Sarkcess needs a good stylist and aide to aid in updating and enhancing her sense of fashion.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

Tracy Sarkcess Steps It Up With A New Fashion Style
Tracy Sarkcess

Tracy Sarkcess, wife of rapper Sarkodie, has made a solid fashion statement, that has aroused dissenting viewpoints of various netizens.

The wife of Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess, has given Ghanaians something to conversate about, as she makes a public appearance, with a newly territorial fashion sense, wearing a transparent black apparel with black trousers, and a pair of sneakers.

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Tracy Sarkcess, who barely announces her presence due to her known character of having a reclusive lifestyle, despite the famous reputation her husband has attained over the years in the rap game, has decided to spice things up a notch, by wearing a catchy, yet wildly unexpected collection of clothes.

Tracy Sarkcess, as she is lovingly called, showed up at the Global Citizen Festival show, to clearly give her significant other, Sarkodie, emotional morale and support, seeing as he was one of the performers of the night, in a rather transparent dress, with a fancy pair of sneakers.

In spite of the fact that she looked marvelous with an irresistible smile to complement her overall groove, netizens have pointed out her outfit for conversation, obviously calling attention to her, suggesting that her sense of style needs improvement.

The consistent string tying every one of the remarks spread across social media is that her blend was unappealing, and could use a beautician to place her in the right edge before she ventures out for public events or gatherings.

Tracy Sarkcess Steps It Up With A New Fashion Style
Tracy Sarkcess

The Global Poverty Project has been spearheading the annually held event, called the Global Citizen Festival since the year 2012.

Hugh Evans and Ryan Gall established it. Ryan Gall, a co-founder of the initiative, postulates that his drive to replace corporate marking with altruistic marking came from his involvement with Austin City Limits, where he saw the stage’s logo design.

Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for Coldplay, was named the festival’s curator for the subsequent 15 years in 2015, according to the coordinators.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

The wonderful spouse of Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo who is commonly known as Sarkodie, Tracy Owusu Addo who is well known as Tracy Sarkcess has imparted her real insight around one of the public authority’s lead arrangements, Free SHS schooling.

She offered her perspective in a new post she made on her confirmed virtual entertainment handle on the famous web-based entertainment stage, Twitter.

As per her, she feels the strategy ought to be a requirements-based arrangement since there are many individuals in Ghana who are willing and are in the situation to pay for the expenses of their children.

The post that she made reads;

#CitiCBS #FreeSHS should be a needs-based approach.”

Some reactions the post got are;

@75Laylow – You are going to have problems with your husband if you keep tweeting like this ooo. Thanks anyway. That’s just common sense.

@SarkCessLivingg – Even thought it’s a Gov Initiative, I think a private institution needs to handle the the allocation of funds.
Definitely the module needs a restructure, some parents can genuinely afford paying of fees.
But with the current template, I don’t see free SHS been feasible long term.

@ablrash25 – FreeSHS should be for day students only. You don’t pay for someone’s boarding & feeding fees.

@CharlesEtornam – It’s about time we develop a new module for FreeSHS. A module devoid of politics

@Queen_guide1 – needs-based approach wont work in Ghana. Middle men would start requesting monies before they sign up truly needy students. It will become accessible to only rich men kids.

@mynameis_kofi – The only thing we need is your husband to approach this government with the same critic energy he approached previous governments with … when the money comes , his reality fades.

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Mrs. Tracy Addo aka Tracy SarkCess has dropped a deep secret on the reason behind the heartbreaking album Sarkodie recorded some years ago.

Let take our minds back, Sarkodie granted an interview with OnePlay some years back, he was asked why he halted his first album which got many of his fans disappointed, the Ghanaian rapper revealed that he did that because of a heartbreak he suffered from his one and only lover who abandoned him unexpectedly.

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Sarkodie went on to explain that things were not normal with him as the heartbreak he suffered from his lover left a bitter taste in his mouth which eventually led to the cancellation of his album.

About the album cancelation, he made it known that he was psychologically traumatized, and was going through a lot that is why refused to release the album on air for his fans to enjoy.

According to the Ghanaian rapper, most of the lyrics in some of the songs on that particular album were similar on the account that most of the words he discharged were against women and their evil deed, all because one lady gave him a broken heart.

Tracy Sarckcess then responded to his submissions by claiming that she was the one behind Sarkodie’s heartbreak and she still has the album in her archives, she also made it known that Sarkodie has come a long way with Her.

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As we all know, I am not sure you can mention any Lady Sarkodie have dated, all we know is Tracy who was Sarkodie’s long-term lover since high school, long before he broke into the scene as a mainstream act. Tracy has always stood with Sarkodie, even when he was battling to find his foothold in the music world.

NB: Make sure you find a good woman!

Check her tweet below,

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