Fred Amugi Passes On Cautionary Words Of Disclosure In The Direction Of Upcoming Movie Stars In The Industry

All-time Ghanaian actor, Fred Amugi, has admonished the younger generation of upcoming actors in the movie business, to be extra vigilant of duplicitous tricksters who smooth talk them into a movie role that benefits only a selected team of industry players, whiles leaving the role playing actors in such efforts, uncompensated for their skills.

Fred Amugi.

The veteran actor, has uncovered that some movie makers just flatter actors or actresses into getting into the movie acting process, but fail to pay them after the work is finished.

The long-standing actor unveiled that a creation house in Nigeria is yet to repay him after he played a designated role in a series he was projected in, back in 2018. Fred Amugi revealed that he has not been updated or apprised by the said parties, going on for four years, and at this point, all endeavors embarked on to get in touch with the makers of the content has been awfully unsuccessful.

Touching on the matter, the actor said, “I went to Nigeria in 2018, just about 4 years ago, and we were in an international kind of film but the Asians who were heading it have, up till now, refused to pay.”

Fred Amugi.

When inquired as to whether he felt exploited for not being imbursed by the creation house, Fred Amugi unveiled that he isn’t worried over it any longer and has quit pursuing the cash.

“They will come sweet talking and you’ll believe them. For the love and passion for what I do, at a point, somebody wanted to pay me a certain sum, but I told them I will do it for free because it was like an insult,” the veteran actor expressed during a talk session on the 3FM Drive.

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