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South African ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker, Master KG debuts new single with Akon

Master KG

Master KG is a 25-year-old DJ or music producer from South Africa, he became more popular after releasing his hit song titled Jerusalema which got the world dancing with a particular dance from South Africa as well.

His world-shaking gospel tune ‘Jerusalema’ — with the silky Zulu vocals of fellow compatriot Nomcebo Zikode, hits over 210 million listens on Spotify, 415 million views on YouTube, and 7 billion views on TikTok.

How the song crossed the borders surprised him, he said.

“When I look at the statistics, the numbers, it always surprises me, no one could have predicted this,”

‘Jerusalema was the most requested song on Shazam for eight weeks in the autumn of 2020.

The story is known. Delivered toward the finish of 2019, the single got another life when it became a web sensation via web-based media – with assorted movement by the revering public to the track spreading across the web and into the existences of everybody all throughout the planet.

“I would never have thought that police officers could dance to my music,” he says with amusement. He didn’t get a big head, despite the luxury cars on display on his social media accounts. “I had already had success before ‘Jerusalema’, without any connection of course, but now everything becomes more comfortable, this title will generate income for the rest of my life,” he savors.

Featured singer Nomcebo Zikode’s life has changed too. When he approached her to lend her voice to “Jerusalema”, she was thinking of giving up music. Now, she has just released an album.

What’s more, Master KG is likewise back with another single ‘Focus Your Light’ – Afro-pop cooperation with Senegalese American hip jump craftsman Akon and French DJ David Guetta.

Master KG was glad to work with his two globally famous music industry peers. “You know for me, both David Guetta and Akon represent love, they represent unity and togetherness, which is the reason why I chose them to do this beautiful song with them because my music also, it’s kind of representing the same thing. Love, unity, and positive vibes.”

Master KG lived with his mom in the unassuming community of Calais in the upper east of South Africa. She worked as a hotel worker and his dad is an instructor. He truly got into music when an uncle gave him his first PC in 2013.

Master KG has now purchased a home for his mother and built another for his grandmother.

“Growing up in the village, you know, it’s not really easy. Because a lot of people criticize you, they say ‘What are you doing? What is this? This is done by the people at urban places’, and all that stuff, so these things, they say they can end up even making you give up. But then I just kept pushing because I just believed that, you know, this life that I’m living is not for me, I will change it and I will work harder.”

With his most recent undertaking, Master KG is prepared to utilize his melodic virtuoso to make Africa’s assorted and rich culture keep on sparkling brilliantly across the globe by and by.

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