Secrets Behind The Wearing Of Waist Beads [CHECK OUT]

Waist Beads

This article contains the main secrets behind the wearing of waist beads.

Wearing waist beads has long been a tradition among African women. They were more fashionable a few generations ago than they are now, but that hasn’t prevented many foreigners from wearing waist beads as a fashion statement.

Women have been using it to entice men sexually, but what many people don’t realize is that wearing waist beads among African women, particularly Ghanaian women, comes with more pecks than meets the eye.

African waist beads are used for a variety of reasons. Women in Ghana, for example, wore waist beads as a symbol of femininity and sensuality since only the woman’s spouse could see them in their full beauty.

It was also used to indicate that a lady had attained the legal marriage age. In summary, wearing waist beads has various intriguing benefits, which we will examine in detail. The following are five advantages of wearing waist beads:

Most African women wear waist beads as a way of portraying their love for their partners. In the olden days, they were seen to be a form of aphrodisiac women used to trap their partners to fulfill their sexual desires. In the eyes of every man, the waist beads are very attractive which they use to show the love they have for their woman by strumming the waist beads. Because of this young girls were prohibited from wearing them.

2. Waist Beads Help With Weight Loss.

For centuries African women have been using waist beads as a form of weight measure in order to shape their bodies to the point they want. The beads-work we’re perfectly used as a tracker, measuring the bodies weight loss and gain. This practice was simply done using the hip area and waist line.For known reasons, waist beads were also used among Ghanaian women to determine whether a woman was pregnant or not, the number of months she’s been pregnant for and her weight loss.

3. Cultural Heritage.

Waist beads greatly form part of the heritage and culture of most African women. They wore them with pride to portray their respect and tribute to their culture, which in the long run showed their background. The waist beads also add a glamorous touch to the beauty and body of every woman who wears it. This is why at an early age young girls are taught about the significance of the waist beads to their culture.

4. Symbol Of Femininity.

Due to the waist beads colorful nature and attractiveness it has long been used to depict femininity in African culture. This nice hand crafted ornament is a symbol of aristocracy and femininity. It is also used to show the s3xual attractiveness of every woman.

5. Waist Beads Have Become Trendy. In the modern world, waist beads have been re-branded into a fashion style. Women outside the African continent have all become accustomed to the wearing of waist beads to look very attractive. It is now very trendy around the world and is now being used as an aphrodisiac for women to seduce their lovers. Because of this it now comes in a variety of colors like yellow white, black, gold, red, blue and a whole lot more.

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