Nana Agradaa Arrests Husband for Allegedly Stealing One of Her Cars While In Jail

Nana Agradaa Arrests Husband

Nana Agradaa Arrests Husband over a stolen car

As a result of reportedly stealing one of her cars and selling it while she was jailed, Nana Agradaa Arrests Husband! This is the assertion made in a recent video that has gone viral on social media and features a woman who claims to be knowledgeable. This repository of information claims that Nana Agradaa became aware of several items missing from her home after being let out of jail.

One of her cars was gone and Agradaa apparently grilled her hubby over the whereabouts of the car but he had no satisfactory answer.

Agradaa is alleged to have caused him to be arrested after that.

Per reportsAgradaa’s husband has been to the police station and written a statement whilst investigations continue.

Evangelist Mama Pat, the former fetish priestess known as Agradaa, spent weeks in jail within the past couple of months.

She was accused of defrauding church members of huge sums of money.

Seems looking for quick money runs in that family!

Watch the video below…


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