Don’t Come And Disgrace Yourselves – Fans Descend On Praye After Declaring Another Comeback

Veteran music group Praye, comprised of Praye Tintin, Tietia and Honeho, have yet again announced their comeback into the music space, characterized with a surge of dramatic reactions from netizens.

Praye Tietia, genuinely known as Steven Fiawoo, and also additionally referred to as Cartel Big J, spread the news about their comeback in a post via Facebook on Wednesday, December 7th 2022.

Confirming the news of their return, he said, “Praye forever and forever means we are back, we took a short break and you will be seeing us on most of the big platforms that you know about in this December.”

“You will see us pull off and we will be jamming with you guys. All my day one fans, all my Praye day one fans, we will be there to jam you to all your hit songs like I and my Shordy are one, Run Run some things, Wo Din, Jacket, Wo Nkoa, Angelina, the list is endless so this December, you will see us and we will be dropping a single too for this festive season. I know you can’t wait,” he expressed.

Quickly after he shared his post, fans rose against the group, asking why they always make it a habit of breaking up the group, only to patch things up and announce another comeback.

One specific netizen expressly said they shouldn’t try coming back because they’re simply coming to disgrace themselves.

“They said they are back and my question is, where did they go or what are they coming to do?…we have people who have taken over ooo. They shouldn’t come and disgrace themselves. Resignation letter is here they should come for one,” the netizen criticized.

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