KiDi Lands Major Acclaim Following Collaboration In Bollywood Project Set For Release On December 17

Ghanaian Highlife/Afrobeats artiste, KiDi, has broken the boundaries of entertainment, and entered India for his first collaboration with a well known Bollywood movie star and vocalist.

His fans and admirers didn’t anticipate the breathtaking milestone in his career, and have communicated enthusiasm, as the new undertaking is set for release on this particular month of December, specifically on the 17th.

KiDi and Bollywood movie star, Tulsi Kumar, joined forces together on a new song called ‘Shut Up’, and have proactively begun shooting a traditional video for their song in India.

One of the most exciting facts about the newly taken project by KiDi, is that his fans couldn’t be more thrilled about the inter-cultural display of rich tradition, exhibited by the two distinctive entertainers.

KiDi introduced to the mix, a blend of Afro vibes, whiles Tulsi spiced up the collaboration with a rare flair of Bollywood flavor to zest things up.

KiDi was captured in two unique scenes completely dressed in traditional dhoti outfits, while on a boat, showing off some dance moves from India.

KiDi revealed to the press during the launch of the track that he took motivation from Bollywood films, that integrated some components of Afrobeat and classic Indian culture.

He additionally stated that the undertaking was effected at the right time, as he has effortlessly won the masses with his hit tune ‘Touch It’, which has accrued enormous success rates in India.

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