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VIDEO: My children have been locked inside for 23 years – A Woman shares her sad

A Woman

My children have been locked inside for 23 years, A woman shares this sad and heartbreaking story.

A Woman has shared her sad story and we are here today to let you know about it. In this world, we have people who are born with certain diseases which force them to distance themselves from others in their society.

This woman who is a mother shared her story about how her children suddenly became disabled and she has been raising them for the past 23 years.

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This story was shared online by AFRIMAX, and in the video this woman said;

I am a teacher and when I go to school I come home early so I can look after my children because the teachers understand my condition. 
Sometimes when I come back I meet them on the floor because they fell and couldn't get up. My back is not healthy anymore. I broke my back and I am disabled because I have been lifting it for 23 years.
"I've been waiting for them to talk to me or call me mom for 23 years, but in vain.

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Watch the video below…

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