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Two Gay Men Caught In Kasoa Fighting out of jealousy (See Why)


Two young men have been caught as gay partners at Kasoa after they engaged in a fight.

Gay men were caught in Kasoa after they engaged in a crazy fight, this happened at their workplace and it was made know after their Boss called the Police to arrest them as they fought with knives at the workplace.

These gay men are both working at a restaurant in Kasoa. They were known to be Gay Partners during their interrogations at the police station, and they were fighting because one of them had a girlfriend.

The real name of these gay men are Evans Amoah and Prince Nyator, their ages are 23 and 22. During the interrogation, it was made known that these two met on Facebook and decided to settle at one place as Evans was in the Ashanti region and Prince was working in Kasoa.

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In their case, Evans is the female, and Prince on the other hand is the male. Prince moved on to find a job for Evans at the restaurant where he was working. According to this same Evans, he got into this act of gays in Senior High School after his teacher sodomized him😳

Prince also made it known that he has been gay for a very long time and he has the addiction of sleeping with his fellow man, and it is very uncomfortable without having any intercourse with any male.

Prince said that is why he went on Facebook to find someone to be with forever. At the workplace, their Boss or the owner of the restaurant rented a house for all his workers so both men were staying together.

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This gave them the chance and opportunity to have intercourse with each other more often. After some weeks, Evans made a bold decision to back out of the relationship. Prince then found out that his partner Evans is having a girlfriend and this made him jealous and gradually caused the fight at the workplace.

Per what they said, both partners or gays had an agreed not to go for anyone except themselves. Prince quickly injured Evans with a knife in his hands. Evans has been taken to a clinic in Kasoa for treatment with police investigating the matter.

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