Cheddar Revealed What He Will Do If Ghanaians Refuse To Vote For Him


Online controversy has been sparked by businessman and presidential candidate Cheddar, also known as “The Man Behind the Mask.”

In the event that Ghanaians reject him in the next general election, the business magnate has revealed his other options.

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Cheddar shockingly revealed in a TV3 interview that Ghpage.com watched that if Ghanaians did not vote for him, he would be forced to buy Ghana.

His next option, according to him, is to assist in the creation of millionaires in the nation and take ten percent of their fortune.

The leader of the New Force Political Movement noted that doing this would enable him to acquire more wealth and become richer than the country.

He went on to add that after he had become richer than the country, he would buy it.

“If I create a million millionaires and take 10% from each person, I will be richer than the country, so be careful. Ghanaians might not want me today, but when I return, I will be back to buy the country – Nana Kwame Bediako (Cheddar)”, he said.

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