11 Years After Marriage Without Bride Price, See What My Husband Did To Me


A lady shares her pa!nfull story about her marriage and what the husband did to her.

I’ve found myself in a difficult marriage. I’m not very good at writing, but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve been living with my children’s father for 11 years, but he hasn’t paid my bride price. I’m 36 years old, and he’s 46. I didn’t chase him down; we were dating till I got pregnant and we moved in together.

I had twins, and the second pregnancy was an accident, so he requested me to keep it and find out whether it would be a female because we already had two boys. It turned out to be a boy.

I’ve been begging him to visit my people for 11 years, and he kept promising until he dispatched one of his uncles to investigate our location. We are married in the eyes of the world, yet he has never paid a kobo.

I took my children on a trip early this year in the hopes of motivating him, but it didn’t work. When we returned, I discovered bits of weaving and a foundation that wasn’t mine in our master bathroom. He disregarded me when I asked him questions about what I witnessed.

My younger sister got married two weeks ago, and I was the only one in attendance, so I spent some time in our house. He doesn’t show up at any of my events. My late mother’s sisters referred to me as a fool and an idiot after the event.

Because I am living with a man who hasn’t met them face to face is a dishonor to their late sister. That I lived with a man throughout my youth service and everything. When I went home, my rage caused me to argue with my husband about the situation, telling him that if he didn’t do the necessary, he wouldn’t see me or his children again.

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Why hasn’t he seen my folks or taken my money? Isn’t an issue for him because we’re at ease. He informed me that if I wanted to leave with the kids, he didn’t mind and that his other kids would move in and live with him. Hearing it, I was really taken aback. He stated that he has never felt love for me and that he pities me.

Perhaps I’ll tell him I’m leaving at any moment. He departed on Thursday evening and did not return until Monday of the following week.

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He was without a phone for over a week. He returned and informed me that I should keep in mind that he is getting married in December to a woman who has two children for him and whom he loves.