‘After Dating Him For Three Years, His Mother Is Saying Her Son Can’t Marry Me Because Of My Tribe’ – Lady Cries Out

A young Ghanaian lady has stormed social media to share what she is currently facing in her relationship.

According to this lady, she is really finding it difficult to concentrate and this is all due to what her boyfriend’s mother is saying and doing to her.

The lady shared her sad story in a recent post she made on a popular Ghanaian Facebook group, and according to her, she has been dating this guy for about three years and it is now that things are falling in place.

Thinking that they are going to have a happy life together, the guy’s mother is saying that her son cannot marry and her reason is that the lady comes from a tribe she does not like.

The post she made reads;

“I’m in a dialema right now. My boyfriend whom l have dated for 3 years now that things are falling in place, his mother says his son can’t be with me because of my tribe and it’s taking a toll on him because he has been fighting this issue for 2 years and now he thinks he can’t fight anymore. I’m surprised because in this 21st century. This woman wants to sit on my happiness. What should l do? I need serious help.”


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