‘I Don’t Blame The Producers Who Sleep With Ladies To Give Them Movie Roles, Some Of The Ladies Offer Themselves’ – Kisa Gbekle

Ghanaian film character, Kisa Gbekle has shared her contemplations on how filmmakers will more often than not lay down with women prior to giving them film jobs.

The delightful entertainer spread the word about her viewpoints in a new accommodation she made during a meeting with the eminent Ghanaian telecaster, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey who is commonly referred to in showbiz as Abeiku Santana.

As per her, she doesn’t fault such filmmakers on the grounds that as a rule, these equivalent women offer the men these administrations and she even shared an encounter she had with she was filling in as PA at Venus Films.

In her submission, she said;

“I have worked for Venus Films as a PA and a secretary for Venus Films. Those days, when I am there, the girls who come around ask me who they can sleep with to secure a role.

So with the one I know, it’s not the producers demanding sex from the girls. It’s the girls who come asking me, Kisa, who do you think I can have sex with so I can have a role. So I don’t really blame the producers. It’s the girls that throw themselves on them.”

Source: www.ghnewslive.com