Jackie Appiah Sheds Light On Her Acting Career

Lively actress, Jackie Appiah, has hinted on her parent’s unwillingness to embrace her acting career growing up as a youth.

Jackie Appiah talks about her successful acting career!
Actress Jackie Appiah

Vivacious actress and screen entertainer, Jackie Appiah, has uncovered that her folks never believed she would one day be on our television screens, due to the opposing perception they had towards her becoming an actress, instead of a legal practitioner.

As unveiled by Jackie, she battled a great deal during her life as a youngster since growing up from a family full of lawyers, meant her dream and goal as an actress, wouldn’t be easily achieved, as a result of her family’s disagreeing philosophy.

The honor winning and popular Ghanaian entertainer made these disclosures talking in an interview with’s Oke-Hortons Nosa at the film debut of “Symphony”, a Nollywood film she featured in.

In her own original way of expression, she expanded on the issue by saying;

“Growing up, my Dad did not want me to become an actress he wanted me to go to school and pay attention to my books. That is the same role I played in the movie Symphony, where you didn’t want my daughter to follow her dreams by becoming a musician. I felt my daughter should become a doctor or a lawyer that’s what resonated with the real Jackie Appiah about this movie.”

“This story resonates with me so much because it reminds me of growing up, when my daddy wanted me to become a lawyer, because I come from a family of lawyers.”

Jackie Appiah talks about her successful acting career!
Actress Jackie Appiah

“Father didn’t understand, why I should become an actress , he just wanted me to become a lawyer. But I followed my dreams and now he is enjoying the success and he is happy, so am I.”

Despite the fact that Jackie Appiah sought after her dream of becoming an actress, all things considered, she still engendered in attaining a colorful college education certification, given her already glamorous success as an actress.

Jackie has managed to kill two birds with a stone, by furthering her education via the Univerity of Ghana, Legon, subsequent to stowing a four year certification in Political theory and Data Studies from the lofty tertiary institution.


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