Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has been the topic of discussion again after flying to London for breakfast.

In an Instagram video, the Ghanaian actress revealed that she hoped she wasn’t too late to join the challenge, before revealing the options she had been presented with.

In the video, Jackie was offered the option of either a pricey Goyard Bag, estimated to be worth about $2,000, or a “Ghana Must Go” bag. She chose the pink Goyard bag without thinking twice, impressing her followers.

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The difficulty persisted after then. Jackie was given the choice of treating herself to breakfast in Accra or London, and she decided on the former. There, she was seen taking in a leisurely English breakfast while wearing fashionable sportswear and sunglasses.

As the challenge continued, the actress was presented with the option of choosing between $200 or ¢20, and Jackie’s luck continued as she picked the dollar bills.

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The challenge then presented Jackie with the option of going on a Bahamas trip or ending the game. She chose to end the game with the option that read “Game Over.”

Since sharing the video, the actress has amassed over 100,000 reactions from netizens, with close to 1,400 comments pouring in from all angles.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

Ghanaian self-styled fashion enthusiast, Osebo The Zaraman, has garnered enormous attention on social media in the wake of competing with his celebrity crush Jackie Appiah, with regards to splashy wardrobe choices.

Pretty much about a month prior, Jackie Appiah shared photos of herself on Instagram, cladded in a very high-priced Casablanca shirt which costs GHc 12,640.

She uploaded various pictures of herself on her social media page, joyfully wearing the stylish shirt which is saved for the exceptionally rich, and the one percent of the world population.

In spite of the fact that she was roasted by netizens for squandering such a large measure of cash on a mere shirt, it remains obvious, that the cost of the classy shirt is but a drop in the bucket for the actress, who evidently has deep pockets.

Osebo The Zaraman, known for openly confessing his affections for Jackie Appiah, has likewise shared photos of himself on his Instagram page, looking sharp in the same Casablanca shirt Jackie Appiah wore.

In the photos, the renowned male style powerhouse looked spectacular and easygoing as expected, in the Casablanca shirt, which he matched with black jeans.

He gave his look a finishing touch, as he wore green shoes to fit with the palm tree designs on the shirt.

Check out both Osebo and Jackie Appiah as they look dapper in their Casablanca shirt below…..

Flourished Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, has responded to reports of her supposed marriage arrangement with Liberian President, George Weah.

The actress has rubbished the assertions, stating that they’re concocted gossip.

Blogger Sammy Kay, posed an easygoing inquiry to Jackie Appiah, to share insights into her alleged pregnancy with the President of Liberia.

However, Jackie Appiah dismissed the issue, requesting that he ignore it.

There have been media reports that aim to purport that lovely Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, is getting married to Liberian President George Weah.

As indicated by the reports, Jackie Appiah consented to be the second wife to President George Weah, and their union was scheduled for December 26th, 2022.

There have been well established reports that Jackie Appiah is in a heartfelt relationship with George Weah.

As per reports, President George Weah has been behind the sumptuous lifestyle of the female star, as he supposedly gives her monetary aid.

At last, Jackie Appiah has given her feedback on the assertions, affirming that they’re all but bogus reports.

Widespread reports being consistently circulated on social media asserts that Ghana’s top ranking actress and celebrity, Jackie Appiah, is underway to wed football legend and president of Liberia, George Weah on December 26th.

Before the continuous spread of the unverified reports, rumours were already rife throughout social media, about a possible secret affair between the actress and the footballer, turned political leader.

This new influx of tattle was commenced on Twitter and albeit there’s an ounce of truth in any given number of generated rumors, this specific one in question is still uncorroborated, hence, rendering its validity somewhat difficult to prove.

Nonetheless, a portion of netizens who appear to believe the news have expressed their views from a broader perspective, and as per them, Jackie misled her fans, as well as Ghanaians in general when she made it seem like she obtained all her costly properties through earnest work, unbeknownst that her friendly benefactor was quite possible behind her luxurious way of life.

If you’d remember, 3 months prior, Jackie seized attention on social media in the wake of sharing a video of her posh mansion decorated with state-of-the-art accessories.

Soon after the video turned into a web sensation, a great deal of cybersurfers emphatically believed that she didn’t put up the house all alone and thusly, there was a secret element hidden somewhere, who aided in funding the entire venture.

This recent development of Jackie Appiah consenting to be the second wife of George Weah has justified all suspicions of critics, in the event the report holds some truth.

The following are a measure by which some Ghanaians have responded to the reports of Jackie Appiah consenting to be the second wife of George Weah.

Steve Wayford – Jackie of all people to be 2 wife this life money talk and she is willing to accept to be and good luck her.

Owoahene Kotoko – Finally, the mansion financier is out.

Diana Fiadziso – Wow congratulations am happy for her.

Richkwenor Owusu – women and money, plenty money that she is having she cannot marry a poor man so that she can also help him

Samuel Mensah – Now you all know where the mansions are coming from.. I am sorry for the Liberia Dollar… By now some fine lady bi too is enjoying our Ghana cedi shatta wale come for your stone

Bertha Adjei – This lady and smartness ah well, she knows what she is doing

Amponsah Bismark – So all the lavish lifestyle are sponsored by Liberian money, ayoo that’s also good

Another report on Jackie Appiah’s supposed union with Liberian President George Oppong Weah, indicates that the yet-to-be-formally confirmed couple have made some changes to their wedding date.

This new report suggests that the new date for the wedding ceremony falls on 26th December, as opposed to the earlier date, which was December 10.

Soon after news came to light on various media platforms that Jackie is all set to marry George Weah, who is said to be her long-term sweetheart, congratulatory messages have been pouring in from all directions.

Followers and admirers of the gorgeous actress have devoted their various social media spaces to sound off the yet-to-be-affirmed wedding event which is distinctly anticipated.

Interestingly, Jackie Appiah has been remored to be with child, based on her physical looks, by netizens and fans who are somewhat invested in the personal life of the actress.

The suspicion became a widespread talk following photographs she took at Adonko Next Level Virtual Launch which occured on September 21st, at Holiday Inn, Accra.

Nearly two years now, conjectures that have been making waves on the internet indicates that Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is in an unconfirmed relationship with existing Liberian president, George Oppong Weah.

Adding to that, it was also revealed some time back that Jackie Appiah was pregnant for George Weah, an uncorroborated assertion that sparked a wild discussion on the web.

The rounds of gossip aiming to suggest that Jackie is secretly involved with George Weah began after she praised him when he won the official political race in Liberia.

Furthermore, that post appeared to verify a string of connection with the previous international football star for Liberia.

Another viral report that has now been disseminated on digital platforms, affirms that Jackie will soon wed George Weah on December 10th, 2022, which happens to be this coming Saturday.

The source of this yet-to-be-affirmed news indicate that the elegant Canadian-born Ghanaian actress, has consented to be George Weah’s second spouse.

Currently, there’s no sign or indications on any of Jackie Appiah’s social media pages that suggest that a potential wedding event is underway this coming Saturday, hence, rendering the information, unsubstantiated at the moment.

However, all efforts are being taken to ensure that the information at hand is fully verified to keep you apprised of events, as and when they unfold.

Diverse award-winning Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, has dropped wonderful photographs to celebrate her 39th birthday occcasion. Looking lovely in the photographs she shared on her Instagram page, she nailed her looks in a purple outfit and in another photograph, she perfected her style in a white outfit.

Lots of people have stormed the comment section of the star to compliment her with adorable messages on her extraordinary day.

The supreme actress and real estate mogul, has dropped some lovely photographs to observe her 39th birthday celebration, and many individuals can’t move past how dazzling she appears in the photographs.

She was sighted wearing a purple girdle dress in the first photograph she posted on her Instagram page. The dress unveiled some cleavage as she covered that part of the dress with tulle texture that suited her complexion in order to balance the display of skin texture she revealed.

The dress has long sleeves made of tulle texture that matches her complexion that was designed utilizing some purple lace texture. A purple tulle texture in a similar shade of purple as the lace was utilized to make a small puff on the right sleeve of the dress.

Her hair was held in a big bun, with other parts hanging free on the two sides of her face to enliven her whole look. In another photograph, she was sighted wearing a white long-sleeve outfit, with her hair hanging over her shoulders, as she held firm to a pole for the exquisite photograph to be taken.

Dozens of admirers have reacted to how ravishing she looks in her birthday photographs.

Take a look at the following birthday photographs of Jackie Appiah below….

Also, check out the set of reactions flooding in from various fans and admirers after Jackie Appiah splashed amazing photos to mark her 39th birthday celebration…….

tokemakinwa said: Jackieeeeeeeeeeeee happy birthday Queen ❤️

emeliabrobbey remarked: Happy birthday to you, Lady J more blessings, beautiful

asantewaaaa remarked: Happy birthday

Queen gloriaosarfo stated: Aaaaaw Jackie, you’re just so beautiful Happy, blessed birthday to you, superstar We love you dearly❤❤

jackieiseverywhere stated: Happy Birthday, Name God continue to Bless you ❤️

phil_tofolo stated: Happy Birthday to you, Jackie!!! Bless you! Much love to you, my star!!! Enjoy your day!

mary_lazarus commented: Happy birthday Sis….. God’s blessings

realmercyaigbe said: Happy birthday beautiful

Presently, emotions are at an all time high, as Jackie Appiah recently made another exorbitant expenditure on a Casablanca shirt.

The Ghanaian actress took over social media just recently, straightforwardly flaunting a nice looking, yet extravagant Casablanca shirt that cost GHC 12,640.

Jackie Appiah took photographs of herself wearing the newly purchased shirt, and purposely paraded her costly shirt in two slides.

The fact that Jackie’s new look cost fortunes, makes it very confusing for social media users, who are now wondering how she lives comfortably, knowing that others don’t have a shred of what she has accumulated.

This has caused a couple of netizens to react to her lifestyle with anger.

A specific lady in question, has gone after Jackie Appiah for lavishly spending all that money on a shirt while others are living in poverty.

As per her, Jackie Appiah is stingy. She said Jackie Appiah has not ‘helped any youth to limelight’, yet she is spending all that cash on dresses.

She proceeded on to label Jackie Appiah as a ‘heartless beauty’.

While the agitated lady ironed out her personal reservations, one more observer with a sort of direct remark, attempted to probe into the source of Jackie Appiah’s wealth.

Based on this uproar, it has become apparent that people seem to be personally invested in the manner in which well off individuals spend their hard earned money, regardless of how they may have tirelessly toiled to make their riches to begin with.

Look at the post underneath;

Netizens criticizing Jackie Appiah.
Jackie Appiah trends again

Following the viral video of her opulent residence, Jackie Appiah is back in style with a GH$12,640 Casablanca shirt.

Jackie Appiah’s showy and opulent lifestyle on social media has once again made headlines. The actress, who often only wears designer clothing “head to toe,” presented another pricey look that went viral on social media.

Jackie Appiah posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a silky long-sleeved Casablanca shirt, black rigged jeans, and a blue designer handbag.

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After some online users who looked into the cost of the Casablanca shirt stormed the platform with receipts highlighting that it costs about GH12,640, this particular image made its way to Twitter.

While some people appreciate the money Jackie has spent on her clothes, others are concerned about how she makes her living.

Using Mona4Reall as an example, Jackie’s extravagant social media lifestyle has sparked rumors online.

It can be recalled that earlier in June 2022, the Ghanaian actress became the subject of discussion after videos of her plush mansion went viral.

Jackie Appiah

Elegant Ghanaian actress and real estate entrepreneur, Jackie Appiah, has sparked a fuse of conversation among social media users, who are have been entranced with her extravagant way of life, as well as the ongoings occurring in her private life.

Clearly, Jackie Appiah is classified among Ghana’s most wealthy female superstars in the present ranks, and therefore makes it a habit to typically post pictures of herself astonishing her fans as she showcases her image in expensive garments, shoes and handbags.

Jackie Appiah looking exquisite in her freshly acquired Casablanca outfit.

In her most recent photograph, Jackie was sighted wearing a Casablanca shirt that is a tad bit above the budget of ordinary folks, as the price tag peaks at GHC 12,640.

Jackie Appiah matched her costly shirt with black denim tore jeans, with a pair of black high heels.

The proud mother of one, wore a black radiant hairstyle with a slick cosmetic touch. She complimented her appearance with one of her cute looking handbag assortments, whiles positioning herself for the picture.

Various netizens have cautioned Jackie Appiah to dial back on the rampant exhibition of materialistic possessions she has on the internet, if she’s aware her streams of money making methods are not legit.

Very much like what has befallen Hajia4Real, she has been forewarned to be mindful of her choices.

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