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Harrison Ford Will Now Play The Role Of Red-Hulk in the MCU

William Hurt’s unexpected passing caused a rift for his role as General Ross, who in the comics is Red-Hulk and a key member of the Thunderbolts. He was also slated to play the role in the Thunderbolts movie, but it now appears that our General Ross will be replaced by another accomplished actor.

Harrison Ford as Red Hulk

red hulk

red hulk

Harrison Ford has reportedly signed on to take on the role of General Ross in the MCU, Captain America: New World Order, and Thunderbolts project for now, and will play the iconic Red-Hulk character. This might come as a relief to fans of the character in the comics as Harrison Ford is a very talented actor with a lot of experience as well as versatility. This came as a surprise to many fans as they were expecting Red Hulk not to appear in the Thunderbolts movie. But now we’ll also have follow-up action between Hulk and Captain America: New World Order.

There have been rumors that the Captain America movie will continue some of the events of She-Hulk and build up for the events of world war hulkand now we can assume that Red-Hulk might be involved in the World War Hulk project in some way.

This casting is huge news for fans who have been waiting for General Ross’ next appearance and the Red-Hulk’s first appearance, the Thunderbolts movie has been revealed to be the last Phase 5 movie with a release date of July 26, 2024. , and Captain America: New World Order is open for a May 2, 2024 release date.

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