Ghana VS Nigeria: Meet Top 4 Ghanaian curvaceous Ladies, Incomparable to “Niger” Models

Ghana VS Nigeria

For some time now, Nigeria and Ghana had been struggling on social media for which of the black skin house the most gorgeous and beautiful girls in Africa.

Without argument Nigeria has so many beautiful ladies same as Ghana, most of these beautiful queens are tag slay queens because they show up on social media with expensive fashion yet are poor in real life.

This is why most musicians in Africa like Rude Boy of Psquare sing a song titled Audio money, everyone makes it on Instagram. But what we discovered is that Ghanaians slay queens are not just slain queens but are sophisticated ladies, ladies with substance, and have their own money.

So we are going to list 4 top Ghanaian Slay Queens who are also models that trend on social media.

  1. 1. Lady Afia – Is a Ghanaian model and fashionista, she trends on Instagram with her models, she is one of the African slay queens that have enough cash in her bank account. She blends fashion with her big and curve butt. Her Instagram name is mi.lady_afia. Watch her.
Ghana VS Nigeria

2. Pamela Watara – Is an actress, fashionist, and model with one of the biggest breasts and butts ever seen. The Kenya Ghanian is talented and she is a popular star. Her verified Instagram handle is iamnaturalpam.

Ghana VS Nigeria

3. Moesha Boduong – Is a talented actress and a photography model. A golden lady from Ghana, she floods the internet photo-sharing site Instagram with her beautiful curves. Her official insta account is Moeshaboduong.

Ghana VS Nigeria

4. Jaye Love Is a Ghanaian DJ based in the United State of America, the entertainer with a big butt and nice shape is one of our selected Ghanian slay queens whose activity on social media is noticed by a lot of Instagram followers.

Ghana VS Nigeria

Now based on our findings what can you say about this slay queen. Does Nigerian slay queens have what it takes to surpass them because currently the Ghanaian slayers are at the top of African slay Queens?


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