Yvonne Nelson is suffering from depression ­– Ruthy

Yvonne Nelson is suffering from depression

The book “#IAmNotYvonneNelson” by Yvonne Nelson has ignited internet discussions as a result of its stunning discoveries and references to numerous people.

Simply put, the debate over Yvonne Nelson’s book is still in progress in light of the impromptu damage control by the “Try Me” song camp of rapper Sarkodie.

You all are aware that Yvonne Nelson detailed the Tema-based rapper’s 2013 attempted pregnancy in her controversial biography.

In Chapter 8 of the memoir, she recounts her decision to terminate the pregnancy because the rapper did not accept responsibility, explaining that later she found out the rapper had another girlfriend who was studying at a university abroad hence his rejection.

However, opinions have been divided following Sarkodie’s defense as the majority of Ghanaians on social media have chastised Yvonne Nelson for being at fault in her past dealing with Sarkodie which resulted in abortion.

It’s at the back of this that Ruthy, a highly-opinionated showbiz pundit, has observed that Yvonne Nelson is depressed and needs immediate medical care and attention.

Ruthy claims that before publishing her memoir, Yvonne Nelson didn’t give the devastating aftereffects any thought. Yvonne Nelson’s current relationship with her biological mother is strained, primarily as a result of the information in her book.

Additionally, rapper Sarkodie, who made her pregnant and then had an abortion, is now a contentedly married guy, but in this instance, Yvonne Nelson is still single at the age of 38.

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