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Who is Glenda Cleveland: The Real Story Of The Woman Who Tried To Stop Jeffrey Dahmer

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Who is Glenda Cleveland: The Real Story Of The Woman Who Tried To Stop Jeffrey Dahmer

Who is Glenda Cleveland?

Who is Glenda Cleveland? Cleveland’s narrative is the least known, despite being lauded as a hero for attempting to stop Dahmer. According to USA Today, Cleveland was one of nine children reared on a farm by “parents who taught the necessity of telling the truth and stepping up when someone needs aid.”

According to USA Today, she worked as a data entry clerk in Milwaukee while raising her 17-year-old daughter, Sandra Smith.

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Cleveland did not live next door to Dahmer at the Oxford apartments. Dahmer’s actual neighbor was another Black woman called Pamela Bass, who resided in an adjacent building. According to USA Today, when Dahmer was arrested, she lived alone in the 25th Street apartment until 2009, when she moved to an apartment less than a mile away.

According to interviewers in The Jeffery Dahmer Files, Bass was the one Dahmer would serve sandwiches to. However, it appears that Bass was mostly deleted in the program, and portions of her personality were allegedly placed into Cleveland’s character.


Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix’s newest true crime series, is a portrayal of the life and crimes of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Dahmer murdered 17 teenage boys and men between 1978 and 1991 before being apprehended in 1992.

The drama follows Dahmer, his victims, and their families, as well as the numerous avoidable failings of the American legal system in putting an end to his murders.

This is not the first adaption or portrayal of Dahmer on cinema, and the project has garnered major reaction for, among other things, failing to approach still-living individuals affected by Dahmer’s atrocities.

Family members of one of Dahmer’s victims have voiced out on social media about Netflix not consulting them about the show and how the drama’s portrayal of events has re-traumatized them.

Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer’s neighbor whose constant efforts to stop him were reportedly ignored by authorities, is one of the lesser-known figures dragged back into the spotlight. Cleveland, as played by Niecy Nash in the Netflix adaption, was essential to the Dahmer case, but nothing is known about her life.


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