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Who Is Evan Peters: How Much Did Evan Peters Get Paid For Jeffrey Dehmar?

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Who Is Evan Peters: How Much Did Evan Peters Get Paid For Jeffrey Dehmar?

How Much Did Evan Peters Get Paid For Jeffrey Dehmar?

How Much Did Evan Peters Get Paid For Jeffrey Dehmar: Evan Thomas Peters is an American actor. He has starred on several shows, including American Horror Story. In the movie Mare of…, he portrayed Detective Colin Zabel. He is also an award-winning writer and has appeared in several short films. His biggest role to date was in the horror movie The Grudge.

Evan Peters was born in St. Louis, Missouri on January 20, 1987. He started out as a child actor and started appearing in commercials and film projects by the time he was a teenager.

He then went on to appear in Clipping Adam, for which he won the Phoenix Film Festival’s Best Breakthrough Performance award. He has starred in several television shows and films, including many national commercials.

His appearances on American Horror Story have earned him a name for himself. He has also had recurring roles in other shows like Phil of the Future and One Tree Hill. He was also in the superhero film Kick-Ass.

Evan Peters Marital Status

Evan Peters is currently single. Before he dated Alexia Quinn, he dated model Pixie Geldof. The pair were photographed kissing in 2010 on a Coachella festival. However, their relationship did not last long. Eventually, Evan and Pixie split up. However, the two got back together in 2014.

Evan Peters is an American actor who has played the role of mutant Quicksilver in the X-Men movies. His role in the movie marked his acting debut, and he was named Best Breakthrough Performance at the Phoenix Film Festival. He has also starred in numerous TV shows, including American Horror Story. He was born on January 20, 1987.

As an actor, Evan Peters has played a variety of eccentric roles. In the American Horror Story – AHS Roanoke series, he played Edward Philippe Mott, a blood relation of a famous serial killer. The character was a prim and proper landlord during the day, but a maniacal sex addict at night.

Evan Peters is currently single and has not been in a relationship since 2020. His rumored relationships with Taylor Swift and Halsey are secret. In 2019, Peters dated a girl named Emma Roberts. However, their relationship did not last long, and the two split up in 2020.

Evan Peters has a long list of roles, and his career includes every season of American Horror Story. He has also starred in a number of films, including Ryan’s Pose and The Mentalist. Filming these shows was physically and mentally exhausting for the actor. He has since taken a step back to rest.

His acting career spans several genres. He has starred in movies, television shows, and video games. His role on Pose brought him a Primetime Emmy Award. He also starred as Quicksilver and Peter Maximoff on the X-Men series. He has also played several different characters on the hit series Kick-Ass.


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