We Should Be Able To Push Our Musicians At The Same Time – Wei Ye Oteng States

In the expressions of expert sound producer, Wei Ye Oteng, there are great artists lying within the depths of Ghanaian talents, who similarly need the support and upliftment extended towards quickly uprising artist, Black Sherif, yet tragically, the same privilege and attention hasn’t been given to such great talents, who have the potential of also becoming like Black Sherif.

Ghanaian producer, Wei Ye Oteng.

He said these inclinations hinder the development of the music industry, thus key industry figures and music admirers should take conscious steps towards the rectification of this grave and flawed pattern of events.

“We should be able to promote all our artistes the same way we do for those trending. Just like we are currently upholding Black Sherif, there are other artistes in Ghana who are doing incredibly well too. But we have ignored all of them and pushing just one,” the dissastified producer, expressly stated.

“What of the others? We are not giving the other artistes the opportunity to also shine and it is about time we put a stop to this behaviour” he opined during a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz.

Wei Ye Oteng suggested that on account of this peculiarity, some industry figures in the business have been fruitful in demolishing the potential success of various musicians who had profoundly encouraging abilities to shine.

Wei Ye Oteng.

“It started from some of our industry players who sit on big platforms pitting artistes against each other. The other time, I heard artiste manager, Bulldog, say Black Sherif’s latest album would do better than those of Shatta Wale and Sarkodie,” he disappointedly expressed.

In his bid to positively impact the underwhelming scope of unprofessional tactics used in the music industry, he additionally said, “That was a no no for me. You don’t say that on radio. How would the other two artistes feel? We should be able to push our musicians at the same time.”

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