Sarkodie Is A Common Twi Rapper - Dr. UN fires

Dr. UN became popular after organizing a fake United Nations award where he was able to award top Ghanaian celebrities, including Sarkodie.

This became a topic for more than a month in the Ghanaian media, and since then, Dr. UN has been throwing shade at Sarkodie in most of his interviews or any little chance he gets.

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According to the popular Dr. UN, who proclaims himself a diplomat with a PhD certificate, he is far better than the Ghanaian rapper in all aspects of life.

He went on to explain, that through his experience with international interventions and travels, he has achieved better things than what Sarkodie has ever done in the music industry or his entire career.

Dr. UN also criticized Sarkodie’s use of the local language (Twi) in his song. According to him, Sarkodie’s choice of language has been a barrier for him, to win any foreign awards like the Grammys.

“He is only a Ghanaian song twister, and he is not winning GRAMMY awards because he doesn’t use the universal language,” Dr UN added.

Dr. UN’s comment on Sarkodie has sparked some serious social media debate among fans and industry players. Sarknatives are now defending him on social media, claiming that his choice of language hasn’t been a barrier to his career since he has already won the BET and soon he will bring some Grammys home.

SOURCE: www.Ghnewslive.com

Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson

Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson? check this out if it was an indirect shade at Yvonne Nelson

Sarkodie, who has remained silent since Yvonne Nelson disclosed in her bombshell memoir “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON” that he forced her to terminate a pregnancy she shared with him, has taken an oblique shot at the actress.

Sarkodie, who was dripping in costly clothes and jewelry as usual, shared J Cole’s ‘No Role Modelz’ song in a new Instagram story.

Now, the song’s lyrics really deal about promiscuous females who can’t be salvaged no matter how hard a man tries to turn them into “wife materials.”

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For example, the chorus of the song is about a woman who ‘doesn’t want to be saved’.

This is pertaining to the type of ladies who are caught up in a questionable lifestyle that may be espoused by reality TV shows, with Cole directly attacking the female participants of these programs

This is somewhat ironic considering that most of J’s lyrics are based on his sensual exploitation of these selfsame women.

However, his ultimate disposition seems to be something to the effect of it is only these types of shorties he has to choose from since ladies are now being socialized to be shallow and promiscuous.

And for the most part, his criticisms seem to be aimed at the type of women he interacts with in Los Angeles as a direct result of his “B-list celebrity” status.

This is just similar to Sarkodie’s case with Yvonne Nelson because as of the time he impregnated the actress, he wasn’t an A list yet.

Check out the lyrics of the song below to know more…

First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil
For real, you the only father that I ever knew
I get my bitch pregnant I’ma be a better you
Prophecies that I made way back in the Ville
Fulfilled, listen even back when we was broke my team ill
Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville
Talk to a nigga
One time for my LA sisters
One time for my LA hoes
Lame niggas can’t tell the difference
One time for a nigga who knows
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
No role models and I’m here right now
No role models to speak of
Searchin’ through my memory, my memory
I couldn’t find one
Last night I was gettin’ my feet rubbed
By the baddest bitch, not Trina, but I swear to God
This bitch will make you call your girl up and tell her, “Hey, what’s good?
“Sorry I’m never comin’ home I’ma stay for good”
Then hang the phone up, and proceed to lay the wood
I came fast like 9-1-1 in white neighborhoods
Ain’t got no shame ’bout it
She think I’m spoiled and I’m rich ’cause I can have any bitch
I got defensive and said “Nah, I was the same without it”
But then I thought back, back to a better me
Before I was a B-list celebrity
Before I started callin’ bitches, “bitches” so heavily
Back when you could get a platinum plaque without no melody
You wasn’t sweatin’ me
One time for my LA sisters
One time for my LA hoes
Lame niggas can’t tell the difference
One time for a nigga who knows
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
I want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love
That Jada and that Will love
That leave a toothbrush at your crib love
And you ain’t gotta wonder whether that’s your kid love
Nigga I don’t want no bitch from reality shows
Out of touch with reality hoes
Out in Hollywood bringin’ back 5 or 6 hoes
Fuck ’em then we kick em’ to the door
Nigga you know how it go

She deserved that, she a bird, it’s a bird trap
You think if I didn’t rap she would flirt back?
Takin’ off her skirt, let her wear my shirt before she leave
I’ma need my shirt back
Nigga you know how it go
One time for my LA sisters
One time for my LA hoes
Lame niggas can’t tell the difference
One time for a nigga who knows
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
There’s an old saying in Tennessee, I know it’s in Texas
Probably in Tennessee, that says
“Fool me once, shame on
Shame on you”
Fool me, we can’t get fooled again
Fool me one time shame on you
Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you
Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs
Load the chopper, let it rain on you
Fool me one time shame on you
Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you
Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs
Load the chopper, let it rain on you
My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet
My only regret was too young for Nia Long
Now all I’m left with is hoes from reality shows
Hand her a script the bitch probably couldn’t read along
My only regret was too young for Sade Adu
My only regret could never take Aaliyah home
Now all I’m left with is hoes up in Greystone
With the stale face cause they know it’s they song
She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow)
She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow)

She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow)
She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow)
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved
Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved

A Plus has been left amazed with the success rate of the concerts held by artistes, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Black Sherif, and Sarkodie, and the followed up reaction reciprocated by their distinctive fans.

Addressing how impressed he was, the previous rapper, now political dissident, says no one can inhibit the progress of the previously mentioned musicians, and hinted that the accomplishments they have underscored is an indication of profound enthusiasm within the scope of the music industry.

Stonebwoy’s annual Bhim concert was huge, as large number of his fans made sure to storm the venue. Bkack Sherif, also on the other hand, executed a nicely organized event, when he held his official show, named Mozama Disco concert.

Shatta Wale, doing his thing, undoubtedly set a new height in his music career, by nearly filling up the Accra Sports Stadium with his annual Freedom Wave Concert which he co-headlined with his close friend, Medikal.

Expectedly, Sarkodie also came through with a successful performance, pulling in massive numbers for his Rapperholic concert, all of which brightened the spirit of the festive season.

A Plus, pleased with the trail of superb performances displayed by the above artistes, took to his Facebook page and wrote;

“You don’t have the power to stop Stonebwoy; you don’t have the ability to control Sarkodie. You don’t have the power to prevent Black Sherif; you don’t have the power to stop Charles Nii Armah Mensah, you don’t have the ability to stop anyone from being who they have worked hard to be. Every hard worker shall reap the fruits of their labour.

Ghanaian deserves to be happy, and those who bring them happiness shall be blessed. Our artists are doing amazingly well. Ghana music to the wiase!! I don’t see a competition.

I see a strong music industry that will benefit posterity and us. #paapaapaa #SM4LYF #4LYFIS4LYF #kwameputin #halfmanhalfbosom”

It was an incredible night for both Shatta Wale and Sarkodie, who individually held their respective concerts to climax the festive season with enthralling performances for their fans.

Shatta Wale’s Freedom Wave Concert, and Sarkodie’s Rapperholic, all turned out successful, with enormous support from their huge fan base.

The Freedom Wave Concert by Shatta Wale, which occurred at the Accra Sports Stadium, became the most successful Shatta Wale Show throughout this year.

The show saw an unimaginable turnout, as the 40,000 capacity Stadium was brimming with Shatta Movement fans.

Apart from the massive audience, the crowd were without a doubt, given jolts of excitement and entertainment by star performers from the featured artistes.

Shatta Wale crowned the night with his envigorating performance, which left the crowd craving for more fun.

To top it off, in spite of circulated conjectures aiming to suggest that one of the shows organized will flop due to their same day fixture, Sarkodie, unsurprisingly executed a well coordinated event as well.

The Sarknatives were all charged up with zeal and energy. The event’s venue, Grand Arena, of around 4000 space capacity was also full. Performances from key artistes such as King Promise, Kwaw Kese, Edem, and King Sark, among others, epitomized the night, as a noteworthy one.

Whiles the street soldiers stood in tall for Shatta Wale at Freedom Wave, The executive faction of Sark Nation didn’t disappoint Sarkodie. They all came, massively energized in their numbers to make the annual event a glorious one.

Electrifying youthful Ghanaian star, Black Sherif, has affirmed the assertions of rapper Sarkodie, over their team up effort on his album ‘JAMZ’.

Rapper Sarkodie released his eagerly awaited album project ‘JAMZ’, some weeks prior. Nonetheless, some fans were of the assessment that Sarkodie included Cina Soul and Black Sherif on the album for extra hype.

About a month prior, Sarkodie revealed in a talk show on 3Music Daily, that in opposition to what some Ghanaians have circulated around, he doesn’t ask artistes to work with him on songs, instead, they rather reach out to him for collaboration requests.

Speaking to that point, Sarkodie was noted saying, “Most of these records you hear me on that you think I’m jumping on somebody’s record, I never reach out to these people.”

“If I want to do a song, it’s rare I’ll think, ‘Oh, this boy is the new hottest artiste I want to put him on,” the rapper clearly stated.

Sarkodie additionally said, “Big shouts to my superstar Blacko. Blacko hit me up, last minute of this project: ‘Landlord, I have to be on ‘JAMZ”. I said, ‘Pull up’ “.

Affirming Sarkodie’s previous statement, Black Sherif, while addressing London-based Nigerian media personality, Adesope Olajide, enlightened interested fans about his collaboration with the rapper.

He spoke about how he got in touch with Sarkodie after he shared his album flyer.
“Sark had posted the flyer of the album. So I hit him up like: ‘Landlord, no, this album I have to be on it before it comes out’,” he confirmed.

“We made like three songs,” he said whiles affirming the fact by indicating the number of songs with his fingers. “Countryside” was one of them,” he confirmed.

Ghana’s newest musical discovery, Black Sherif, has been marked for failure as an artiste in the next 5 years to come within the entertainment industry.

This is an assertion strikingly proclaimed by famous Ghanaian figure Dr. UN, during a discussion on Pure FM.

As per the Dr. UN, Ghanaians will become fed up of listening to Black Sherif after 5 years, and they will move on to the next big thing, much like how they’ve shoved aside the vast majority of artistes in the country.

He continued by comparing the rising artiste with Ghanaian rap legend, Sarkodie, expressing that Sarkodie has stayed dominant and relevant for more than 10 years, and that separates him from the rest of the bunch.

During his analysis, Dr. UN additionally stated that efforts have been made by a lot of people to get him to grant Black Sherif an award, yet, he believes the ‘Kweku The Traveller’ hitmaker isn’t established enough as an artiste to accept his lofty award.

Black Sherif will only get the chance to claim the award if he remains instrumental in the music industry after 5 years, which according to Dr. UN, will prove extremely difficult.

Dr. UN’s remark about Black Sherif has been negatively received by fans, as they fume with rage on social media.

They called the Ghanaian figure names, saying he doesn’t merit the spotlight of fame, however, Ghanaians have an inclination for putting individuals with less pertinence on the radar.

Ghanaian showbiz pundit and political dissident, Kwame Obeng otherwise called A Plus, has hailed rapper Sarkodie for his marvelous live presentation with the BBC Philharmonic symphony.

During the end of the week, the rapper played out an extraordinary performace on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Afrobeat Concerto by performing a couple of his hit tunes, “Rollies and Cigars”, and “Lucky”.

Talking about Sarkodie’s astounding performance on the United Showbiz program on UTV, A Plus stated that Sarkodie has increased current standards of greatness, way higher in the music domain.

Affirming his opinion about the ace rapper, he said, “Sarkodie is a very smart person. He is unpredictable. It will be difficult for anyone to reach where he has raised the bar. He has really raised the bar. I am very excited about how he carries himself.”

The outspoken political dissident further expressed that Sarkodie’s live performance with the BBC Symphony has provided him with a fair thought of how his Rapperholic show arranged during the later days of this month, will shape out to be like.

“This year, I wondered what the Rapperholic concert would look like. I think with the album and this performance. I think Rapperholic will be more massive than all the previous years”, the impressed activist stated on the record.

Mohammed Ismail Sherrif, born on January 9, 2002, expertly known as Black Sherif, is a Ghanaian vocalist and rapper.
He attained ubiquity in 2021 with his track “First Sermon” in May 2021. The second installment of the song, known as “Second Sermon” was Subsequently released on July.

Looking at the current pace of the music industry, Black Sherif has continuously maintained his consistent speed, and has taken over the Ghanaian music terrain, as any track he drops or adds a hook to, turns into an imminent classic.

In this way, it comes as no surprise that Sarkodie smartly took the initiative and collaborated with Ghana’s current music maestro, Black Sherif on his JAMZ album on the song, “Country Side”, which has turned into the most streamed song on the album project.

Responding to the influence of Black Sherif in the music scene, all-powerful DR. UN is convinced that Sarkodie ought to sharpen his creative skills as he continues to lose the rap spot ever since the rise of Black Sherif became evident in the circle of rap.

In the studios of Kumasi-based Pure Fm, DR. UN completely expressed that the Sarkodie Ghanaians knew isn’t the same artiste we have come to know now, because has lost the rap spot to Black Sherif.

Ghanaian rap legend, Sarkodie, performed ‘Rollies and Stogies’ and ‘Lucky’ in the wake of showing up at the BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Afrobeat Concerto.

Sarkodie was one among the list of artistes selected to perform at the Afrobeat Concerto, and as always, he came with the stamina, the hunger, as well as the energy during the evening performance.

Sarkodie delivering an epic performace at BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Afrobeats Concerto.

The BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Afrobeat Concerto was a collection of Afrobeat artistes coming together in conjunction with the BBC Philarmonic for a one-time show.

The artistes made their respective appearance with the BBC Philarmonic giving them support vocals, and it was an astounding performance.

Sarkodie, who stood in place for Ghana on the international scene, mounted up a moving stage performance with his classical sampling of ‘Rollies and Cigars’, and ‘Lucky’.

Various artistes picked for the occasion included CKay, Maleek Berry, Nikita Kering and Pheelz.

Shout out to King Sark for always having the creative ability to hoist the name of Ghana on internationally scenes, with his top-tier delivery of showmanship.

A fan stormed social media with a brutal remark immediately after famous Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie disclosed that watching the progressive World Cup, in spite of the exciting thrills and adrenaline rush, is bad for his wellbeing.

The rapper took to his official Twitter handle to share the update, as he wrote, “The World cup ain’t good for my health.”

Soon after sharing the post, a fan instantly emerged to query him about his addiction to cigars, as though to ask him which one is more detrimental, whether the World Cup games or his propensity for smoking.

See what resulted between them….

Moreover, there was loud cheer of noise embracing Dede Ayew’s goal against Portugal during their Group H opener in the progressive World Cup on Thursday, November 24, throughout the four corners of the country.

The Black Stars’ captain gave Ghana an equalizing goal after a questionable penalty was awarded to Portugal during the match, which was effortlessly converted by iconic football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dede’s goal nonetheless garnered a fuse of jubilation across the nation and clear in a video shared on social media, Ghana’s rap supreme, Sarkodie couldn’t contain his excitement, as he bounced around in celebration after Ghana’s first goal.

Tragically for the rapper as well as Ghanaians, Portugal went ahead to dominate the game in a 3-2 final time record, that has been so far been described by football fans as the best match at this point of the tournament.

Simultaneously, most fans and enthusiats of the game have lambasted the referee for costing Ghanaians their first victory in the competition.

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