Negative media stories about me over the KNUST incident almost k.lled my career – Mzbel

Ghanaian hiplife artist Mzbel is angry about how the media’s negative publicity has affected her career.

In an interview that was shown on JoyPrime, Mzbel claimed that the scandal’s notoriety had cost her opportunities with businesses and relationships. Mzbel claims that it is difficult for her to get collaborations with businesses and organizations that may not want to be connected with someone viewed as controversial because of the media’s attention on negative and controversial articles about her.

“It’s really broken me business-wise because most brands don’t want to be associated with somebody who is being negatively controversial.

Anytime Mzbel is trending, it’s something negative. So, it really affected me, and sometimes when I ran into trouble, instead of the media reporting me in their favor, they made it seem as if I deserved it.”

When she spoke out about being assaulted by students at a performance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in 2005, she described how some media coverage, rather than showing sympathy, blamed her for the event and criticized her costume.

“They made it look like it’s because of the way I dressed, and I deserved it,” she said.

This was a major factor in her being passed up for contracts with businesses that had shown interest in working with her.

Mzbel said that although she doesn’t have a problem with the press covering scandals involving famous people, she would prefer that such publicity be limited so that she and other artists may strike lucrative commercial agreements without fear of reprisal.

Irreplaceable songstress and female artiste Mzbel, has apologized to her fans for her lackluster performance at the Afrochella musical concert held two nights ago.

Mzbel was one of the singers billed to perform at this year’s Afrochella music concert, but then didn’t quite rise up to the occasion like expected, as things didn’t turn out like she hoped they would, thus, failing to excite her fans to the fullest.

Mzbel has delivered a statement of apology to her fans for her underwhelming act of performance. Per her perspective, she was unable to hear herself and her music in the background, making it hard for her to seize control of the stage, hence, resulting to her yelling to keep herself, as well as her fans entertained.

She captioned her post by writing;

“To all Mzbelievers who are disappointed in my performance at the just-ended Afrochella 2022, I am terribly sorry and I’m disappointed too cos this is not how we prepared to entertain u”

“What happened was I couldn’t hear myself and couldn’t hear my music on stage that’s why I kept on shouting and trying my best to have fun somehow but it all ended up trashy. Also, the lights hitting the stage were just too strong for my fragile eyes so I couldn’t even see the crowd interact properly“.

“Without any rehearsals and dancers, I made u proud at Ghana Music Awards 2021 but unfortunately the media houses and bloggers trashing me today didn’t share it like they sharing this particular performance but hey I promise to make it up to u soon. There’s a bigger gig in the pipeline and if arrangements work out well I will make u proud again 💋”.

Veteran Ghanaian singer, Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, famously recognized as Mzbel, has unveiled a premonition she saw about the upcoming year, 2023.

It would be reviewed that Mzbel gave a precise prediction regarding the outcome of the score sheet record, as well as the team that will emerge victorious in the recently ended FIFA World Cup finals, held in Qatar.

Mzbel anticipated a victory for the Argentine team, and furthermore, precisely predicted the goals that would be scored.

After the football match, netizens showered praises on Mzbel, referring to her a prophetess. A couple of days after her first prediction, Mzbel has revealed yet another prediction, concerning the course of events set to take place in the year 2023.

Per a new revelation, Mzbel has unveiled that there will be an insufficient availability of water in the country, come 2023. She revealed that the crisis will be severe that individuals would have no choice but to pay for a cup of water.

Speaking about the troubling revelation, she said, “I Just had a dream…There was a water shortage everywhere. Saw people fighting over the little amount of water, others offering to pay anything for just a cup of water… it was that bad!

“Looks like we are going to have a serious water crisis in 2023. I know what I’m going to start doing but hey it’s just a harmless dream, not a prophecy, and nothing special,” she expressed.

Argentina, the most currently hailed country on the planet, won the 2022 World Cup which was hosted in Qatar, after they defeated France by 4-2 on penalty kicks, in an exhilarating 3-3 draw, which saw Lionel Messi score two times, and Kylian Mbappe scoring a hat-trick.

Before the last match would kick off, veteran Ghanaian songstress and business oriented socialite, Mzbel, urged football fans to stake a bet on Argentina.

Mzbel told her fans and all football lovers who are into betting, to capitalize on the rare opportunity, and place a wager on Argentina, in light of a prophecy given to her in the realm of the spirit.

She shared her disclosure via a Facebook post that has since garnered various responses from her fans, as well as other football lovers.

The post she shared read, “Argentina will win the 2022 world cup! Spirit told me in a dream last night! Go bet am u go win.”

All things considered, it seems as though her prophecy came into manifestation. Many have begun comparing her with prophets in Ghana. In the comments section of her post, certain individuals labeled her as the forthcoming prophet.

Mzbel has clarified that she has a few prophetic prowess, and it appears these abilities are evidently being witnessed.

Anyhow, a massive congratulatory words of laudation are in order, as Argentina proudly heads home with the ultimate World Cup trophy, along with all the prestigious perks that comes with it.

Veteran vocalist Mzbel, has called out her critics in the entertainment scene and savaged them in the wake of securing an enormous gig at the impending Afrochella festival.

Mzbel was declared officially as one of the billed performers for the impending Afrochella festival.

The declaration is a gigantic step for the veteran vocalist.

While Mzbel was a trailblazer in music, she isn’t precisely setting trends as of now. Bagging such a gig is an enormous sign of credibility and sway.

Mzbel has been getting heaps of applauds for her earning a spot on the bill.

Others on the other hand, are trolling her critics and haters.

A die-hard supporter of Mzbel called out Diamond Appiah, Afia Schwarzenegger, Tracey Boakye and Abeiku Santana, whom are known to have an issue with Mzbel.

Unexpectedly, they take pleasure in imagining her career is erased. Abeiku Santana recently referred to her as a ‘former artiste’ , notwithstanding, a stride as huge as this, totally solidifies Mzbel’s groove in the game.

In celebration, a fan of the vocalist stated: “Everyone is hapi 4 MzbeL except 4 pple Afia Ghana @ 60 Abeiku East Legon Landlady🤣”

Mzbel also shared the post, suggesting she absolutely supports everything her fan expressed.

Look at the post underneath…

The Afrochella festival respectively falls on two days, precisely on the 28th and 29th of December, 2022.

Ghanaian female musician, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, widely known in the music entertainment industry as Mzbel, has shed light on her unmarried life status, with an elaborate explanation into the reasons or factors accounting for her still not getting married, at the age of 40.


One of only a handful of exceptional Ghanaian female superstars who never had the desire or profundity to ever tie the knot, is Mzbel. As per the multiple hitmaking musician, she doesn’t have the sincerest regard for the structural foundation of marriage, or what the institution aims to aver.

Talking in an interview with blogger Sammy Kay, Mzbel unveiled that she never tied the knot on the grounds that she is a “goddess” and as such, she ought not be under anybody’s control or manipulation.

“I have never thought about marriage. I’m a goddess why should I marry? I’m the god, I make everything happen why would I want to be under somebody…and make it official to the whole world that this is the person I’m sleeping with and now I have to be submissive, that whole concept is a joke, no offense to anybody that is married,” she stated confidently.


In spite of the fact that Mzbel has never had a marital life experience, she has however been linked with certain significant personalities of note, like previous President John Mahama, previous UT Bank CEO, Kofi Amoabeng, among other key figures in the country.

Ghanaian female songstress Mzbel, has at last dropped her eagerly awaited track, called “Asibolanga”.

Fans have gone off the deep end after the songstress Mzbel, dropped her Yuletide banger, Asibolanga. A wide range of social media users have taken to the comments section of Mzbel, to commend the songstress for her still amazing singing abilities.


The name of the song, “Asibolanga”, is a name attributed to Afia Schwarzenegger by social media influencer, Nana Tornado, during their episodes of conflicts via web-based media outlets. The track was inspired from one of the provocative names Nana Tornado gave to controversial female comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger.

Various cybersurfers have responded to the song now made available by Mzbel, called “Asibolanga”. As anticipated, the song’s release has sparked a profuse heap of comments and expressions, as fans and admirers of Mzbel, commended her for her still flourishing music abilities, as seen beneath;

@dhaville: We waited for so long. Chai.. . Thus banger. We are waiting for the reply as usual but this time we want to hear something new about you. We are tired of Nugel Gaisi and knust story

@kingmingle: Your godmother get talent sori ❤️ I love you mum

@gustro: It’s a banger🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 this is what i call true talent👏

@kwasiokawa: You can’t tell me this tune is not lovely wow you got talent like crazy Mzbel this is a Christmas banger,you have shown you are godmother of all the female musicians in Ghana wow 🤩 👏🔥🔥🤣🤣

I waited paa,🔥🔥🔥🔥 we masqueraders are using it as marching song this Xmas ❤️🔥🕺🕺

@Sherrycocoa: 😂😂😂😂it’s a hit mehnnnnnnnnnn😂😂😂been listening on YouTube saaa😂😂😂vawlence!!!!

@Obrempong nana: So why stop dey release songs for the past years?
You dey stand tall like virgin boobs.

Broadcast media presenter, Abeiku Santana, has delivered an expression of remorse to female songstress Mzbel, in light of his insensitive act of labeling her as a “former artiste”.

Broadcast radio presenter, Abeiku Santana.

A couple of days prior, Mzbel and her companion, Nana Tornado, took to her Instagram page to lambast Abeiku Santana for portraying her as a former artiste during a show he anchored on via OK FM.

In an interview with fast excelling artiste Chief One, Abeiku Santana communicated a strong tone of astonishment after the artiste unveiled his unrelenting desire to record a track with Mzbel. Looking extremely perplexed, Abeiku Santana said, “former artiste Mzbel”.

Mzbel responding to his remark in an extended video shared via social media pages, communicated her dismay over the disrespectful tone of Abeiku’s disregard of her, as he called her a “former artiste”, whiles on his show. Mzbel hauled Abeiku Santana amidst ranting harsh insider facts about the radio personality.


As indicated by Mzbel, she became an awful individual of Abeiku Santana, after she deprived him of sexual pleasures, in addition to becoming his lap dog. Mzbel likewise uncovered how Abeiku Santana disrupts the career path of artistes in silence but then behave all principled and disciplined in the eyes of the public.

Via a Facebook post, Abeiku Santana expressed remorse to Mzbel for considering her as a “former artiste”.

In his own words, the radio presenter expressed his apologetic sentiments by saying, “I’m sorry for calling Mzbel a former artiste”.

Controversial Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, has thrown her first punch against her now contemptible female colleague and friend, Mzbel, in the heat of the moment, as their still engulfing feud continues, in light of Mzbel’s plan of assault, hinging on her release a deadly diss track, called ‘Asibolanga’, still rotates in motion as a response to her hostile attitude towards her.

Mzbel & Afia Schwarzenegger.

By aiming to destroy her reputation, social respect, and credibility, Afia Schwarzenegger has dredged up a venomous launch of attack towards Mzbel, as she calls her out for being a three times rape victim, all over social media, in an attempt to paralyze her completely, so as to inhibit her efforts of striking back at her.

In the sickening video, Afia Schwarzenegger made a total joke of how Mzbel has been raped for three good times.

During an Instagram live video shoot, Afia Schwarzenegger made mention of how Prophet Nigel Gaisie, some KNUST students, and a band of thieves, all humped on her (Mzbel), violating her body and sanctity as a popular female figure who is looked up to in society.

A verse in Mzbel’s soon-to-be-released diss track, ‘Asibolinga’, disgraces Afia Schwarzenegger, who in the song, is being mocked for having an over used vagina, hence, indicating a compelling reason why numerous men lay down with her like a whore.

Tending to this poke, Afia Schwarzenegger, took the opportunity to eliminate Mzbel in the ongoing discord, by expressing her opinion that given Mzbel’s pathetic history of rape cases, she (Mzbel), has no footing or standing, to label her with names.

Mzbel & Afia Schwarzenegger.

As charged by Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel is rather the one with an over used vagina, and not her, because unlike her (Schwarzenegger), Mzbel has been victimized by indecent men who accorded her with little respect, despite her social standing as a musician.

The outspoken comedienne, who is prepared to go the extra mile, cautioned Mzbel to be wary of the fire she’s messing with, because she’ll have a terrible sense of regret, sooner than expected.

In the interim, Mzbel has claimed that she’s under a profound spiritual attack in the wake of her releasing a fraction of her diss track to Afia Schwarzenegger.

In a post via her Instagram page, she indicated that she would have a counseling session with her profound spiritual mothers and fathers, for cautionary insights about whether or not she should release the diss track.

Veteran Ghanaian female musician, Mzbel, has refused to let bygones be bygones, in her current quest to best her equally aggressive nemesis, Afia Schwarzenegger, after she rekindled their ongoing fued with a hot-laced diss track record, which she released to signal her relentless bloodlust, and profuse anger to squash her contender, by getting various social media observers entwined in the beef as it gradually mounts.

Mzbel & Afia Schwarzenegger.

Per recent recollections, it is attestable to note that on Thursday, the veteran Hiplife songstress and soon to be radio show hostess, bombarded Afia Schwarzenegger with a ton of damaging shots, purposefully intended to shred her into pieces, in hindsight of the fact that Afia has unstoppably being a force of torment in her life for a notable number of years, by her appropriation of offensive expressions made towards her, using her friend, Odii Tornado.

Declaring this turn out of event to her fans on Facebook, Mzbel made her expressions along these lines;

“Single #ASIBOLANGA Dropping next week… Dedicated to Odii Tornado Fans. Tag a good graphic designer to design an art for me… @kingnanatonardo1.”

Mzbel & Afia Schwarzenegger.

In this new turn of events, she aided various interested and invested parties, to remember their extended quarrel, making it obvious that she will constantly choose ‘vawulence’, and push Afia towards the edge of her doom. By naming herself ‘Vawulenciaga’, she has clearly defined her territorial thirst for rage and war.

“My name is Vawulenciaga Ekua Universe! I greet u all. New Single #ASIBOLANGA Dropping soon,” Mzbel palpably stated in her post, addressed towards all factions involved in this ongoing feud.

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