T-Pain Brings To Light The Gloomy Aspects Of The Music Industry

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American rapper/singer and songwriter, T-Pain, gave a clarification of why he continually talks about his woes in connection to his depression and apprehension in broad daylight, during a talking point with Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’.

The Floridian indigene, additionally stated that he takes pleasure in expanding the issue further, on the basis of differences in subject matters, as his previous talk show, which aired on November 1, 2022, focused on a varying topic point, to the one he chose to touch on, this time around.

He proposed that just because most musicians tend to be engrossed with glimmering their riches and gems, doesn’t mean they are devoid of issues of their own. He was noted on the record, saying;

American musician, T-Pain.

“I love being vocal about things like that because it wasn’t set in the blueprint before me. Everybody was always – it’s all about blinging, it’s all about having a bunch of money and having all this, and nobody tells you about the down. Everybody always tells you about the up.”

Proceeding on further, he said, “And I always look back at the people that came before me and I’m like ‘Why didn’t y’all tell me about this?’ Like, according to them, it was all – it’s money, girls, big house, somehow your wife don’t find out about any of that. You know, the fantasy world.”

“As much as you try to create the perfect world around you, no matter what you do, you can have charities, you can do all these great things, you’re still going to have these downs because there’s no magical world in the multiverse that everybody is happy all the time,” the enlightened entertainer insightfully expressed.

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