Strongman – Medikal is The Most Dissed Rapper Presently

by Ghnewslive

Strongman just comfirmed that colleague rapper, Medikal is the most dissed rapper of the present generation.

Strongman was in the studios of Y102.5Fm and the conversation was something you will like to listen to. In his conversation with the host, Kay Official on Dryve of Your Lyfe. The popular rapper made it known that he used to be at the receiving end a few years ago because most Ghana rappers were always dissing him.

Strongman made it know that, as time went on he is now convinced and knows very well that Medikal has now taken the top position in terms of receiving diss from other rapers.


The Kumasi-based rapper dived into the issues in the industry and landed on Patapaa’s anger after releasing many musicians in Ghana uses his name in dissing people. Strongman believes that it should be normal for Patapaa to get involved or mentioned in other musicians’ songs whether good or bad, this means he is the one to talk about and it shows he is on the right path musically.

“Some people have been making music for a long time but have never received any mentions or shoutouts in anyone’s songs, not even a diss. But if everyone refers to Patapaa in their songs, then it means he has something and has a craft people like,” 


Strongman also made it clear that some years back he used to be the number one artiste who suffered dissing and trolling in Ghana from his fellow artiste in Ghana. He also said that didn’t deter him, so on that note, he asked Patapaa to stay cool and focused.


“Every year, I used to be the most dissed artiste but presently I am ranked 2nd. Now, Medikal suffers the most disses amongst Ghanaian musicians. 3 years back Sarkodie was the most dissed and jabbed artiste and it is normal. If it happens to you then it means you’re doing something they like.”

Strongman threw more light on the Kumerican vibe by saying it didn’t become big quickly just like all great things, it was rejected at first.

The rapper knows that, since you choose to do music in Ghana, there will be comparism, trolls, criticism and other things but you should learn how to ignore them and stay focused.

“Patapaa has something and must forget everyone. His One Corner song was a big hit.”


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