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Meet the man who walks with thousands of bees on his body for over 30 years


A Man Covered With Thousands Of Bees On His Body

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A man has risen to fame after been discovered in his community for owing the ability to walk with bees all over his body without being stung. We all know bees are very dangerous and you must always protect yourself before going closer to them.

The case is different with this man who describes himself as the only king of bees, he made it clear that he has been keeping bees on his body for the past 30 years and he started this when he was very little.

The man has been getting a lot of money from his ability aside from the fame it has brought him. He made it known that he also sells honey which makes him a lot of money. And the amazing part is his ability to helps people who are been disturbed by bees by removing them from his own body.

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In the video, the man who claims to be the king of bees explained that to make the bees lay on him peacefully, he first locate the queen of bees on his body. After locating or identifying the queen of bees, the other honey bees fly towards him to make their camp around the queen bee, in a way of protecting their queen.

The man said He always gets the queen bee remains at a static position on his body by the use of a rope. According to him, he just ties the insect with the rope around his waist.

Gaining fame in his community, people who are been disturbed by bees seek his services to help get rid of them and he does that at a price. He also makes so much money from selling honeycombs produced by the bees.

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