Delay shed in tears in an emotional interview with Dhat Gyal

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delay shed tears

Watch As Delay Breaks Into Tears In An Emotional Interview With Dhat Gyal

Deloris Frimpong Manso who is popularly known as Delay is a Businesswoman and television personality who is widely known for her tactics in asking any question she wants in interviews.

Delay has also been in the news every time she interviews a celebrity. Delay is in the news today after she hosted Dhat Gyal on ‘The Delay Show’. The young singer, a couple of years back caught the eye of several Ghanaians along with her distinctive voice within the many covers of original songs.

Several touted her because the one to exchange Ebony Reigns when her ending. However, years slipped and nothing was coming from her side in terms of music. it had been as if she had fizzled out.

Dhat Gyal

As a result, she wasn’t established and a spotlight wasn’t an excessive amount of her, the strange absence failed to cause individuals to look for her whereabouts. It recently emerged from a radio interview that she had fallen into the dangerous company and was deep into substance abuse.

Dhat Gyal made it known that she started living in getto and was introduced to dangerous drugs.

In 2016, I accompanied a friend and an unknown lady to Mile7. The woman led us into a house which was occupied by three guys. All of a sudden the woman told us that she had to leave because she has been informed that her baby was crying. Then, I decided that we will all leave but she insisted that we stayed behind. It wasn’t clear to me but she assured us that the guys won’t hurt us,” she said.

After she left, the guys got us some drink but I still wasn’t okay. All of a sudden, one of the guys started touching me and I hesitated. He then got angry and disclosed that the woman who brought us to the house was paid some money. He said they gave the woman money to bring us. He angrily stood up and locked the door. He pounced on me and raped me. Asides from raping me, I was mercilessly beaten,” she told Delay.

She discovered that the loss of her mother not to mention unhealthy company semiconductors diode her into depression. many folks who failed to understand her plight showed sympathy.

To refrain from any vice that would hurt her in life. Watch the video below.

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