Simon Dunn net worth: Get To Know His Worth, Wife And His Career

Simon Dunn net worth

Simon Dunn net worth is estimated around $5 million. He is an Australian rugby player and bobsledder. He lived in Wollongong and, until his retirement in 2016, was the first gay male to represent any nation in the sport of bobsledding.

He briefly lived and played rugby in London before moving back to Sydney, where he remained active until his passing.

Simon Dunn career

As a rugby player for the Australian national team, Dunn started his athletic career. But in 2012, he made the decision to try out for the Australian bobsled team, and he soon established a reputation as a gifted and committed racer. Later, he competed in a number of international events, such as the FIBT World Championships, where he frequently assisted the Australian team in placing first.

Despite his success in bobsledding, Dunn never stopped being interested in rugby. He picked up rugby again in 2016 and joined the openly gay and homophobic Sydney Convicts team. He immediately rose to the position of team captain and helped the Convicts win multiple championships.

Dunn was well-known for his activism and support of LGBTQ+ rights in addition to his sporting accomplishments. In addition to using his position to advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports, he has been a strong proponent of inclusivity and acceptance of others in all spheres of life.

After quitting bobsledding, Dunn continued to be a well-known and active athlete in the sports world. He now works as a coach and motivational speaker, teaching young athletes and aspiring athletes by sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Overall, Simon Dunn was a multi-talented athlete who has achieved success in both rugby and bobsledding. He also inspires others to reach their best potential and work for acceptance and inclusivity in all spheres of life. He was a motivational speaker as well as an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Early accounts indicate that Simon Dunn killed himself. His death was confirmed by the police and his agent, Ruby Rose Management.

What was Simon Dunn net worth?

According to estimates, Simon Dunn was worth $5 million. A rugby and bobsledding prodigy, motivational speaker, LGBTQ+ rights advocate, and all-around athlete, he also excels in other sports.

He exhorts individuals to fulfill their potential and work toward inclusion and acceptance in all spheres of life.

He will continue to be a well-known and active figure in the sports world even after retiring from bobsledding. He currently speaks to young and aspiring athletes as a coach and motivational speaker, sharing his experiences and ideas.

Simon Dunn wife

Simon Dunn did not have a spouse. He supported LGBT rights and had a partner. Felix Maisey-Curtis was his love interest.

Felix Maisey-Curtis and Simon Dunn had broken up months before his death in 2023. Felix, meanwhile, is a mystery.