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Matthew Perry Net Worth: How Rich Was Mathew Perry

Matthew Perry Net Worth

Born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, on August 19, 1969, and passing away in Los Angeles, California, on October 28, 2023, Matthew Perry was an American-Canadian comedic actor best known for playing the witty Chandler Bing on the wildly successful sitcom Friends (1994–2004).

Growing up in Ottawa, Perry competed in junior tennis at a high level and aspired to play professional sports. But when he moved to live with his father in Los Angeles when he was fifteen, that’s when he developed an interest in acting. He attended the comedy theater LA Connection and took improv classes while he was a student at Buckley School.

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Perry debuted on television in 1979 in an episode of the police drama 240-Robert, which starred his father. Perry played bit parts in television series like Silver Spoons, Charles in Charge, and The Tracey Ullman Show in the middle of the 1980s.

Matthew Perry Net Worth

At the time of his death, Matthew Perry net worth was estimated to be $120 million. Although he had minor roles throughout his career, we can assume that Friends and the hefty residuals he and the cast continue to earn provided the majority of his wealth.

When Friends first aired in 1995, none of the cast members were well-known. As a result, Matthew Perry and the rest of the cast earned $22,500 per episode, for a total of $540,000 for Season 1. Not bad for 1995, but nothing compared to the massive sums they would earn in subsequent seasons.


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