How SHS girls now use clothes hanger for abortion revealed

clothes hanger for abortion

There is nothing surprising again in this world. This post is about how girls now use clothes hanger for abortion

Girls now use clothes hanger for abortion, I think I’ve now seen and read it all hence I’m donating both my eyes and ears to charity.

A current revelation that is currently making waves on social media details how SHS girls have employed very fascinating ways to destroy unwanted pregnancies.

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According to the anonymous revelator, SHS girls now use clothes hangers to commit abortions which has set tongues wagging on social media.

As explained by the lady who dropped this cringy gist on social media, the ladies either sterilize the neck of the cloth hanger by using either a lighter or fire in the kitchen.

After sterilizing the neck and pointed side of the clothes hanger, they then insert it into their vaginas like a dildo and then twist it forcing the foetus to come out from their womb.

In some cases, the ladies who use this method bleed excessively hence the junior students are made to give out some of their pads to their bleeding senior.

The unfortunate ones also lose their lives through the process which has been nicknamed “Go To Hell”.