Video: Mother Rejects Car Gift From Her Sakawa Son

Mother Rejects Car Gift

A dramatic moment when a Nigerian Mother Rejects Car Gift from her own son, who is still in college, was captured in a viral video.

The Mother Rejects Car Gift from her undergraduate son, the car she rejected was a brand new Lexus on her birthday, son wanted to surprise her but turns out sad.

The son who brought the new automobile and his pals to visit his mother is seen guiding his mother to the spot where the car is parked in the viral video.

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The Nigerian mother was concerned about how her son could afford to buy the luxurious car for her without a known profession, though, after seeing it.

She politely declined the gift, pointing out that her son is a student and raising concerns about his source of support.

She sobbed inconsolably and declared in the video that her son was involved in “Yahoo Yahoo” fraud, a type of internet scam.


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