[VIDEO] Ghanaian Lady Sadly Recounts How Her Rich Sakawa Boyfriend & Bestie Planned To Use Her For Money Rituals

A young Ghanaian lady who is based in the Ghanaian city of Obuasi has recounted her story.

Her story is about how she was almost killed by her boyfriend and his best friend. According to her, her boyfriend was into ‘sakawa’ and at a point, he tried to use her money rituals.

Narrating what happened, this young Ghanaian lady stated that she was in a happy relationship until her boyfriend was faced with financial difficulties as he could not make ends meet for him.

According to her, she was advised to ditch her broke boyfriend, however, she did not take the advice until she was linked to a rich guy by one of her friends.

This new rich guy immediately proposed marriage and even went to meet her family. They started buying stuff for the wedding until one day it dawned on her that there might be more to what the man said so she discussed it with her friend who convinced her this shouldn’t be a big problem.

She stated that she visited the man’s house while he was not around and decided to check on a particular room in the man’s house that she has been warned that she should not enter.

Watch her in the video below;


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