Check Out Photos Of This Baby Born With A Tail

In a weird but true report, a baby has been born with a tail and we could not believe our eyes when we saw it initially.

The photos, after going viral have garnered some reactions from social media users. According to our research, it is a birth defect in which the tail bone fails to regress during the development process of the embryo.

It is not as deadly as it may look as it can be removed through surgery. Check out the photos of the baby below;

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Some reactions the post got are;

Salahadeen Ibrahim – Thanks for your explanation. Like by now we will start giving spiritual interpretations 😂😂

Nnanye Abraham – Where me i come from, make a mistake to be born this way and you will not live for a day😂😂

El Bohyeba Ike – We have heard your explanation but still the DNA of this child should be checked. The father of this baby could be a dog 😎😎

The phenomenon is known as human vestigiality and it refers to certain parts of the body that are no longer useful. In ancient times, it was believed that our ancestors, at some point, needed these body parts.

This is a rare situation as most people are not born with a tail. This is due to the fact that the structure disappears or absorbs into the body during fetal development.

Its cause can be attributed to due to a defect during the developmental stage.