Man Runs For His Life As Gigantic Snake Takes Over His Car – VIDEO

In a video we have sighted, a man abandoned his car for a snake as he could not stand the sight of it.

Truth be told, the snake was a gigantic one and anyone in the man’s position would have reacted in the same way. In the video, the snake was seen chasing the man’s car and after going viral, it has really garnered some reactions.

The clip was shared by a social media user with the handle, @iamhe1di on the popular social media platform, TikTok, and one of the men in the video was seen running out of the car in an attempt to evade the snake.

Watch the video below;


♬ Oh No Oh No – Kreepi

Some reactions the post got are;

Ryan Seitz – “I’m not a genius, but shutting the doors and staying in the vehicle sounds like a logical thing to do?!”

Devon – “You know let me run out the car into the snake’s natural habitat…. Yeah, I’ll be safe there.”

user8800827197675 – “The guy running must have thought, that snake is gonna eat the car!!”

Allie G – “That snake saying “where you going bruh, wanna square up?”

user4243257796683 – “Why are they exiting the car instead of staying inside and closing the doors, instead of running out, what if they see another one, then what?”


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