Sarkodie exposes Yvonne Nelson as he responds to her abortion claims

Sarkodie exposes Yvonne Nelson as he responds to her abortion claims

Sarkodie exposes Yvonne Nelson

Sarkodie, one of the most well-known rappers in Africa, discusses the issues raised by Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy and the accusations of abortion leveled at him. After refusing to accept responsibility for her pregnancy, the actress accused him of forcing her to get an abortion. He reacted to her claim.

Sarkodie responded to Yvonne Nelson by saying she was wrong to claim he forced her to have an abortion. He advised her to continue the pregnancy, but she resisted, complaining that her education was at stake and that she needed to finish school first.

Additionally, she let Sarkodie know that she couldn’t carry the pregnancy even though he was also not ready to become a parent at the time. As a result, neither she nor he could use the time.

Putting it all in a rap song, Sarkodie said Yvonne Nelson annoyed him by making it look like he was the one pushing her to have the abortion. Thus, when in actual sense, she was the one who badly needed to get rid of the pregnancy unlike what she insinuated in her memoir, I am not Yvonne Nelson.

Moreover, the ‘Countryside’ hitmaker further revealed to date, he still has his doubts about being responsible for the pregnancy. This he said was because he was hinted Yvonne Nelson was promiscuous.

The actress cum film producer also refused to have Sarkodie’s doctor attend to her. These accounts for his doubts the pregnancy was actually his in the first place.

Check out Sarkodie’s reply to Yvonne Nelson, ‘Try Me’ below:

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