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If you’re an enthusiast of race cars and are interested in RD Whittington’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. Known as a successful car broker, this businessman is also a reality television star and race car driver. However, his wealth may be a bit hazy because he hasn’t revealed his full assets or disclosed his various salaries.

RD Whittington is a car broker

RD Whittington is a car buyer and reality television star who makes celebrities’ dreams come true. He has a large number of celebrities as clients, and has been seen giving celebrities and high-profile individuals luxurious cars. Whittington’s clientele includes Kim Kardashian, J Balvin, and TikTok star Tayler Holder. The broker’s experience and high-profile clients have earned him a cult following, and he is constantly on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

He is a reality TV star

If you’re a fan of reality television, you’ve likely noticed Rd Whittington. The finance manager is well known for his lavish car combinations. His car deals were featured on the unscripted game show Million Dollar Listing. Although Whittington isn’t a native of the United States, he was raised there. He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms. As a member of a Christian family, RD Whittington is a true celebrity.

He is a race car driver

You’ve probably heard of RD Whittington if you’ve been to a racing event, or maybe you’ve heard about him in the movies, but did you know that he’s also a race car dealer? Whether you know him as a famous race car driver or are just curious about his background, RD Whittington is one to keep an eye on.

He is a business visionary

The name RD Whittington is a well-known business person who has become famous due to the unscripted television drama Million Dollar Listing. While the identity of his significant other has not been revealed, he is a very wealthy man and is often seen sporting lavish car collections. Several of his cars have been featured in the show. Here are some facts about RD Whittington’s cars.

He has worked with many celebrities

For his work with the Hollywood elite, RD Whittington has established many connections. He is close to several Hollywood bigwigs, including Jamie Foxx, Tom Holland, and Jennifer Garner. His “squad” of influential people is a reflection of his personal approach to success.

While it can take years to build a network and a personal relationship with celebrities, RD Whittington’s approach has proved to be successful.


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