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Alain Stanké Conjoined is one of the most underrated artists of our time. His dazzling, poetic films can be categorized in two categories: art house and contemporary. In the former category, his films include LES GREFFES DU COEUR and DES BARBELES DANS MA MEMOIRE. In the latter category, his films focus more on social issues and have less of a literary influence. Regardless of what classification you choose, these films are still very good.


The book Les Greffes du Coeur by Alain Stanke is one of his many successful works. It combines poetry, prose, and historical details. It is a work that has influenced countless generations of readers, including countless children and adolescents. The novel was translated into more than fifteen languages and features several fascinating characters. As an added bonus, it is a Canadian novel.


DES BARBELES DANS MA MÉMOIRE is a bilingual memoir by Canadian writer Alain Stank. The story begins in Lithuania, where Stanke’s family was deported to work camps during World War II. At age seventeen, he immigrated to Canada, married Marie-Jose Beaudoin, and began a family. The Stanke family includes four children: Marie-Jose, Josette, and Paul.

The book also features a number of notable characters and events. Alain Stanke was a founding editor of Editions of the Homme and the Presse, which published several works by renown writers. His first book, MON CHIEN AVAIT UN ZAN, was published in 1975, and he later became the editor of La Presse and the Presse. He also became a correspondent for France-Soir, replacing Rene Levesque. He was a prolific writer, interviewing many renom writers and political leaders during his 42 years in the business.


This contemporary design in Marfa, Texas, blends into the landscape and is similar to Diaboliquement Votre, which also stars Alain Delon. The film is set in three independent living units, with the larger unit maintaining an entry court along the street wall. It also has an interesting plot, though I’m not sure how the story would have worked in French.

Lord Curzon is a fictional character, but one who makes an impression. The book is a political parable of Turkey’s past. It demonstrates the complexities of political and social life. The characters – Ozal’a Ismail Besikci and Serhat Bucak – are well-drawn, but their personalities are quite different. Despite their similarities, the two stories share some common elements.


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