Listen: King Shabadey Out With New Song ‘Coming 2 America’

Takoradi-based American artiste, King Shabadey, also known in the music scene as Taadi God, has released a new song dubbed ‘Coming 2 America.’

‘Coming 2 America’ by King Shabadey is a song that speaks about finding true love and making your dreams come true.

Who Is King Shabadey?

Born to Mama Nurse, Esther Barnes and “Sailor” Ato Swanzy Essien, Takoradi, Western region, Ghana in a district called “Top Ten”. Kojo Swanzy Essien developed a love for music at an early age. Mum, Mama Nurse Esther was part of the All Saint Anglican Church choir and a conductor. He would join his mother regularly for choir rehearsals.

Kojo got influenced by the legendary Osibisa member, Kiki Gyan. Kojo saw himself doing music internationally just like the legend. He joined the senior church choir at age 9, whilst a student at Ridge International School in Takoradi.

This early childhood experiences helped to shape his musical journey and as a teenager he was already writing his own music and performing at various events during his education at Adisadel College in Cape Coast, Central Region of Ghana. Kojo love the “Ragga” style of music that sinks into the mind of man to calm “nerves”. This is where he got his name, Shabadey! Because of his music style.

Kojo grew up in one of the toughest dwellings in Takoradi, Ghana. Kojo gained his “King” with his street credit and became “King Shabadey” aka “Taadi God M3ntry NATION General”.

When he left Adisadel College, he moved back to Takoradi and really focused on building his professional career. He enjoyed singing at various events, high schools, universities etc but he knew he could not do this for the rest of his life and like many other musicians, he was looking for a breakthrough.

Kojo then gained admission into Ghana’s Premier University. He almost abandoned his music ambitions. The opportunity for Kojo to travel to the United States of America came during his second year in the University in 2011.

Kojo’s melodic mix creates a distinctive sound that intrigues and transports his listeners. He seems condescending than life on stage with his music probing into moods and emotions. Kojo had begun recording some demos from the time he was in Adisadel College. This was put on hold when he went back to school.

His song “Coming to America” was a dream come true. Finding true love was a dream come true. He had few female friends back in Ghana who lived in the United States of America. He met a few ladies who were born in the United States of America but life has taught him of the various female ideologies.

The lifestyle really caught Kojo’s eye and he kept saying “Experience is the best teacher”- I’ve seen it all, I’ve lived it- so “coming to America” is an experience for everyone in this world.

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